“The Secret”

In the story the Secret Rhonda Byrne talk about lots of things that people don’t realize. Byrne said “The feeling of love is the highest frequency you emit. The greater the love you feel and emit the greater the power you are harnessing.” This shows love is really strong, people do crazy thing when they are in love. Love is strong emotional feeling, it hard to get rid of it. Dr. Denis Waitly said “The leader in the past who had The Secret wanted to keep the power and not share the power.” This explains people in the past are selfish they keep the entire secret to themselves. That the reason people don’t understand why they have all those emotional feeling. Byrne spoke about wealth people she said “Wealth people they allowed fearful thoughts of losing the wealth to enter their minds until those fearful thoughts of loss become their dominant thoughts.” It true when you put negative thoughts in your mind, the negative thoughts would come true. Fear is a negative emotion that would stop you from reaching your goals. Byrne also said “The only reason any person does not have enough money is because they are blocking money from coming to them.” This explains you have the choice to become a successful person. Success equal a good education, good education equal a good job, good job equal money. We have the choice if we want to make money. The secret make me understand many things, their lots of emotional feelings we have and we don’t understand the reason why we have all those feelings. The secret explain it all.

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