The secret

Did you know the secret give you anything you want? Money power respect or anything else you desire. The secret is the “law of attraction”. This was written by Rhonda Byrne and her belief is the secret is there without us not knowing what it is till now we realize. The “law of attraction” was written back in B.C and was always used by famous and powerful people. Everything you see is attracted to your eyes. The way the secret works is by your thought. The bad thoughts you have dominantly will keep happening in a different scenario. For example you see someone gambling and that thought is in your mind, later you’ll go gambling because the thought is strongly suggesting you to. The good thoughts that you have dominantly and repeatedly will come to you.  For example you saw a necklace that you want, all the positive thoughts that are going through your head will later make you get the necklace either a little different from the original or as the original. The idea of “the law of attraction” is not accurate to me. it does not work that way. some things happens because of luck. your thoughts can be many things but that doesn’t mean it would come true. if we put our mind into something we want and try hard to achieve it then that is possible but if its something out of the ordinary like to be the president of US most likely that wont be possible.

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