The Secret

Have you ever wondered or thought about something, and it just seems to magically walk into your life? If this has occurred to you, you have just witnessed the secret. According to “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, The secret is a law emitted by ones thoughts, which attracts whatever walks into your life. When you portray an image or a thought in your mind, you’re the mastermind of your life, and only you.

The law of attraction has been taken place and recorded since 3000 BC. Famous poets, musicians, and artists such as William Shakespeare, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Leonardo Da Vinci have all expressed the laws of attractions through their creations, and art. The law of attraction have also been used in religions, such as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, etc.

When one wants something so bad, their line of thought is probably focused purely on that one thing, and that is when law of attractions takes place. A good example is wealth, and when one is wealthy, their thoughts are solely on wealth and another thing, losing it. When one is solely thinking about their wealth, they also portray thoughts of losing their fortune, and so, they lose their wealth. One must know a very important thing, and that is  ” The law responds to your thoughts, no matter what”.

According the to the story, we’re more likely to be depressed when we start to think about moments when we’re upset, or unhappy. Our thoughts tend to multiply on that one major thought, and it’ll seem like the predicament  has gotten even more severe. As this story story seems to project, it is important to think positive thoughts, as we’re what we portray in our minds. If we’re thinking positive thoughts, we will continue to anticipate on happy thoughts and vice versa. Our thoughts are our own, and it’s essential to keep in mind that what we think are how we define our selves.

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  1. i was absent how the hell was i supposed to know what to do she just wrote on the shedule that we should write a blog like i know what im supposed to do

    • LMAO, that I’m trying to figure out too! Am just reading and just explain the whole idea of the story in broad overview. I think we just have to summarize its main points in Happiness. I dont’ know Lol

  2. Dina, just a heads-up, in case you are not aware (it seems like maybe you aren’t, from the nature/tone of your conversation above), that this is a public comment thread, visible to me, the entire class, and anyone on the Internet. But since you already began this thread, a few quick notes:

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    -The assignment was not to summarize ‘The Secret,’ but to critically respond to it, analyzing it, making claims (etc.). This is somewhat similar to the work you did for the primary speeches.

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