“The Secret”

“The secret” is a piece of literature written by author Rhonda Byrne, which focuses on the law of attraction and its believe of how it is the natural force that governs one’s life. It can be the power, money, and those type of desires you might have. Author Rhonda Byrne is trying to let us, the audience, what the secret really is. It is the “law of attraction”; anything you project into this world, whether its good or bad, will display back into your life. An example of this can be a person having thoughts about how rich they wish they can be; while having money issues. Because they’re thinking about it too much, their mind is just taking over them physically and mentally, while their problem is not even changing. On the contrary, a person that wishes to be rich, and is just patiently waiting/hoping it will happen, might get the desire they want. Although those hopes/wishes won’t happen as fast as the person might want them to happen, it will eventually happen, according to the book. It is all on how you look at things, and in the positive thinking of somebody. Thinking positively will lead you to accomplish the things you want in life. Us human beings are in control of our lives. We might not be able to control our thoughts but positive thinking is what really makes a person happy. Our goal is to always stay positive, and give time to time. Good things come to those who wait.

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