The Secret

The Secret is a book written by Rhonda Byrne that explains how easy and effective it is to bring happiness and prosperity into ones’ life. Many people may be wondering what the secret is and how can this secret change lives for the better. Well, the secret is the law of attraction. Anything one projects into the universe will end up coming right back to that person, whether it be negative or positive. For instance if a person is constantly worrying about money issues, that person will continue to have money issues because these thoughts are taking over their mind. On the other hand if a person is not wealthy, but they believe that one day that they are going to be, it will happen. It may not happen as fast as people would like it to happen, but the book assures that it will.  The key happiness, wealth and prosperity can be achieved by thinking positive thoughts and believing that these things that you want to accomplish in life will happen. The book explains that people are in control of their lives and as well as their thoughts. Positive thinking is the key to being happy and will help people to live  the life that they always wanted to live. Negative thoughts have the power to manifest themselves into things that people want to avoid in their lives, but because a person thinks about these negative thoughts over and over again they may become this persons’ reality. In order to live happier and better lives one must think positive thoughts and truly believe that  their goals are in reach, rather than looking at them as being unattainable.

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