El Secreto =The Secret

The people we study, and changed the world all knew something the rest of the world did not. It was the “Secret.” Rhonda Bryne, the author of “The Secret” uncovers a secret that makes cliche quotes sound like they are achievable. The secret is “attraction,” What ever the person attracts it gets. Attraction is seen as something a person thinks about and has the mentality. Which then attracts everything the person has in the mind. The mind play a big part in the way the law attraction works. Many people have tried to focus on their dream goals, but many gave up after waiting impatiently. Bryne quoted other individuals that knew about the secret and many of them figured out that there is a big reason why the goals are not being accomplished. Many of them have said that people think of the things they do not wish to have as a dominant thought. This therefore makes everything they don’t want to happen to occur. The strategy is to make your goal a dominant thought in order to see what you want as long as you keep thinking about it. Throughout the book Bryne mentions the mind of the person should always be on their goals and visualize them as you are finally achieving your goals.

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