The Secret

The secret, is now not so much a secret. The secret is a piece of literature written by Rhonda Byrne about the law of attraction and how it is believed to be the natural force that governs our lives. Have you ever thought something and then it just so happened to become a part of your life? well that is just how it works. The secret of the law of attraction is supposedly something we all posses whether we are consciously aware we are allowing it to guide us or unconsciously aware that it is guiding us. Further understanding how the law of attraction works can bring prosperity to those who utilize its power. One can attain  wealthiness, good health, and become one of the richest people on earth just by  applying the concept of the law of attraction to their life.  So how does it work? Well first you have to think, thats the basis of it all, literally your thoughts. Once you’ve thought of something (whatever it may be) you have to then feel as if you have it. For example, suppose you apply for a job and are awaiting a call to hear if you’ve been hired or not. Now you really need to be employed at the time in order to pay for medication to help your severe back pain, so you make sure to fill out the resumee as best you can ,list a reference or two, and leave a good impression on the staff each time you’re in there. You feel good about your actions and that the future holds good things to come. Now upon receiving the call you are informed you were not hired for the position you applied for, instead they found you eligible for a position in a department with equal salary and easier work. Through your thoughts, feelings, and actions you can manifest your own reality through the law of attraction. The secret is bringing your thoughts into your life.

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