“The Secret”

I bet you did not know that there is a secret. A secret to the way that you think, it’s called “The Secret” which is a law of attraction. It is the most powerful thing ever that many famous historians in the past have used. Such as William Shakespeare, Robert Browning, and Beethoven. It is used in many religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.. Wealthy people use “The Secret” to gain more wealth because it is all that they know. It is the only way of thinking that there is to them.

The more that you think about something that makes you unhappy or sad, the more that those thoughts whether it be pleasant or unpleasant will multiply. It is interesting because in the reading we were described as human towers, meaning we get whatever we give off. So the more positive thoughts that we think the more good will happen in our lives. Often we tend to spend much of our time thinking about the live that we do not want instead of the life that we do want and that negativity controls the rest of our thoughts bringing negativity to us.

The law of attraction does not understand don’t and no it only understands thoughts, so you get whatever it is that you give off. By controlling the way that we think our lives become better, if we say that we do not want something to happen we are basically asking for it to happen. We can not harm others with our thoughts only ourselves so the key is to stay positive and optimistic. You have to be super optimistic when it comes to income because if you are sad about what little money you do have instead of how much money you want you will never progress. Always give back what you can, because when you give you will be rewarded. You are control of your thoughts and feelings.

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