Summary and analysis of the mayoral speech [ Revised version ]

 Summary of Bill De Blasio’s victory speech

 The democrat candidate, Bill De Blasio, gives his mayoral primary victory speech at Gowanus, Brooklyn. Before he starts the speech, he takes a moment to thank all the people that help him and support him along the way on the success of the campaign, including his family. Then he starts the speech by mentioning the tragedy of the 9/11 event and how the people are united to help during that time. He keeps on reflecting 9/11. And he states that it reminds him a crucially important lesson “ …the jobs of us at the positions of authority is to keep our city safe; to be constantly vigilant; and to use every tool in our disposals to protect people…”(09:56) Then he states that New York is a “tale of two cities” that consists of wealthy people and the people in poverty. So he emphasizes that he wants to make sure that all children in the city are able to gain the education to reach their potentials.


Bill De Blasio’s speech seems to be touching and convincing. He recalls the tragedy of 9/11 and the way how people response to that difficult time. He specifically talks about the needs of changes to make in the city, such as the economic differences of the people; equal opportunity of obtaining the education of the children and the safety of the city. So actually he tries to say that he is the right person to help out the city and make people think that he knows what he should do for the city. His daughter’s small introductory speech helps him a lot on getting the good impression from the people. She states the 3 crucial factors why her father success on the campaign, which are the awareness and collective desire for fundamental change, and the supports from the people that she considers as their family. Also, she introduces her father as “ the man with the plan.” All words of her imply that Bill De Blasio is very prepared to be the mayor for the New York City, and he aims to make the city better.

Summary of Joe Lhota’s victory speech

The republican candidate, Joe Lhota, gives his mayoral primary victory speech at Midtown, Manhattan. As he begins to speak, he thanks all of his supporters, campaign team and his family, etc. Then, Joe Lhota states “This is the first step towards continuing a strong future for our city.”(0:55) And he points out some of his own experiences. As what he says that the three things that bring them to the victory is: issue, vision, principles and experiences. He says that he is determined to improve the quality of life for the New Yorkers. He also mentions that the republican party needs to be unified in order to serve people better. Furthermore, he talks about the important role of the mayor and the issues of the city that need to change, such as education reform, taxation, and crimes, etc.


Joe Lhota seems very confident and positive about his victory. As he states “ I want to be the mayor of all New Yorkers. I want to help the middle class and those aspiring to the middle class by making the city to be more affordable…”(10:48) He talks about some of the things about his own and his family. He may want to use these to imply and emphasize that he will win the race because of his ability. From his words, it seems that his vision of making the people in the city to be happier is by creating the “ City of Opportunities”


Overall, the two speeches of Bill De Blasio and Joe Lhota have some differences and similarities in many ways. Bill De Blasio takes the strategy of having a more touching speech to make the people feel that he cares them. And he presents it in a humble and kind way. While Joe Lhota presents the speech in a confident and serious attitude. Bill De Blasio discusses his plans of how to improve the well-being for the people. While Joe Lhota lists all his plans and ideas straightforwardly and seems that he wants to focus on creating more different opportunities for the city. On the other hand, one of the similarities that they have in common is that both of them express their gratefulness to the supporters and their family and those who help them along the way. Another thing is that both of them wants to have the education reform, which they want every children can have an equal opportunity on gaining an education. Also, both Bill and Joe thinks that it is important to unite their political parties.


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