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In the speech that the democratic nominee Bill de Blasio gave to his people in Brooklyn after the results from the primary elections he talk about his plans to change New York and how he will do that. First he put the disaster from the 9/11 as an example to show how people were helping others on that day not matter who they were, he concluded that was the New York that he wants, a city where everyone is united. He also said that the people who have power over the city should be very vigilant and use every tool to protect their people in order to create a better city. In the minute 11:29 De Blasio talks about the Tale of two cities that New York has been for many years, the division where a part of the people are very wealthy and could not ask for more, and the other part where the people live under the poverty line and where parents fear for their children education. One of the plans that he decided to put in action is to give each citizen the opportunity to demonstrate their potential but also to find an alternative progressive to the Bloomberg ideas. Also he has the plan of changing the policies that have left behind so many of New Yorkers outside. He knows that the path of this change will not be easy but also he knows that with the support from his people and the initiative of a new change everything will be possible.

Bill de Blasio have some good plans and alternatives for the city in order to create a better future for everyone. In the speech, he said that the person who govern the city must be vigilant and use every tool to protect their people, meaning that this person should pay attention to every detail of the city, but also he must have almost the same responsibility as the one that the president has. As I said it on the summary, one of De Blasio’s goal is to give each citizen the opportunity to demonstrate their own potential and abilities. I think that his plan is something that promises the opening of new doors specially for the people who cannot afford to pay their own education but they have a lot of potential to demonstrate. We can see that Bill de Blasio’s priority are the citizens, that’s why creating more opportunities by opening new doors and creating a united city is very important to him.

In the speech that the republican nominee Joe Lohota gave to his people in Manhattan, he talk about some of the issues that New York have and what it needs to be done in order to reconstruct it. According to Jhoe Lhota now is time to come together and unite for something good by finding issues that New Yorkers have and at the same time finding solutions. In the minute 4.09 Lhota said that this is the country of new opportunities and where dreams come true and that’s why he will unify his party in order to help his people to accomplish their dreams. One of his many plans that he have for the city is creating a better education for children by creating more charter schools with good teachers and professional training. Also he said that he will support the NYPD to stop crime, but he will need the support of his people to keep the streets organized. He will also create a plan with business in order to increase jobs and give people a better life style. Lastly. he will rein stain a monthly town meetings to speak to him about issues because the only thing that he want is a city where he can live, work and raise their families.

Even thought Joe Lhota’s speech was very straight to the point and also in some point it was very confusing, his plans were good and concrete. One of the best plans that he have in mind is giving to every child the right of a better education by creating more charter schools. I think that this is a good plan because he is also thinking in the future generation and on those kids who someday will be professionals and will give so much to the United States. Another topic that was very good was the one from the NYPD. We know that the NYPD play a great role in the city and that’s why we need to support it, but I think that Joe Lhota will need to create another more effective plan to support it because he can’t just said “I will support the NYPD” without giving any prove of how he will do that.

We know that Bill de Blasio’s plans are similar with the ones that Joe Lhota has for NY but it also has their differences. For example, Joe Lhota is just speaking what he will do but without giving any concrete prove of how he will do that, while Bill de Blasio is thinking about some really good plans that will benefit each citizen. In my own opinion, I think that The best candidate for winning the elections in November is Bill de Blasio because he knows what he is doing and he is demonstrating with action what he will do for the city.

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