Revision of NYC mayoral speeches

Bill De Blasio’s speech took place in Gowanus, Brooklyn. When De Blasio makes his appearance he first begins by thanking his family and those who have supported him throughout the campaign. He then mentions the tragedy that occurred 12 years ago (9/11) and how united people were that day by helping one another. De Blasio also elaborates on how New York City is a “Tale of Two Cities” between the wealthy and the people in poverty and the changes he wishes to make starting with a child’s education. Bill De Blasio wants to better New York City and make it a place people are happy with.


De Blasio’s speech seemed very convincing to me because he had such great ideas on how he wishes to make these changes. He was sure of where to begin with these changes and how.The fact that he brought up what he calls the “Tale of Two Cities” between the rich and the poor is what made people sure he is the Mayor they are looking for and want since that is something he wishes to improve. He also points out the dreams of a parent which is their child’s education. In my opinion, De Blasio is someone New York City needs as a Mayor.


As for Joe Lhota, his speech was given in Midtown, manhattan. His speech also began by him thanking his family and supporters as well. He then continues by sharing his families struggles and how that made him the man he is today. He elaborates on the “Tale of two cities” and says that it is nothing but a class warfare and “he will campaign to unify the city” (6:20). Lhota stated that he wants to make education possible for many children, cut taxes, and stop crime by supporting the NYPD and letting the “stop and frisk” continue. Torwards the end he makes it clear that he will be a man of his word and won’t just speak of what he will do for the city.


Joe Lhotas speech got straight to the point in the beginning. He not only wants to unite our city but also wants to make it safer by letting the “Stop and frisk” continue that on which i agree yet disagree. Although there were a few things i agreed on that he spoke of he didn’t seem so convincing.


In my opinion, Bill De Blasio would be the Mayor i’d prefer because his speech seems more passionate of what he will soon be doing for the people of New York and he knows where to begin from. Joe Lhota on the other hand, his ideas are somewhat all over the place he brings up good ideas but he doesn’t make it clear enough where he wants to begin from. Lhota’s speech isn’t as strong compared to De Blasio since De Blasio seems to be more concerned with the people’s well being while he barely is.

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