Revision for Summary and Analysis of Victory Speeches.

In Bill De Blasio’s victory speech, he starts off by thanking his supporters and family, for everything they’ve done to help him make it this far. Bill believes that all with authority should keep the city protected, and he expresses his gratitude towards anyone who helped those in need of support during 9/11. Bill states that ” New York has become a tail of two cities”, meaning there are two different types of people in New York. One, being the wealthy class, and two, people living near poverty. While the wealthy class live in luxurious life styles, the poor strives on to help their kids get a better education. Bill resorts to helping those in need, and believing everyone should deserve a chance to reach their potentials.

In Joe Lhota’s victory speech, he states that taxes and other issues dominated campaigns, but what he is trying to fight for is resolving issues for New Yorkers, and how they can be solved. Joe states that his family members were all New York civilians, working and providing aid to the city. His mother also worked just so Joe and his brother can attend school. Joe states “New York has been my blood from the very beginning” (4:57), showing how he relates to the people, and how determined he is to provide well being for the residents of New York. Joe also mentions the Tale of Two Cities, and how it wants to tear down the over all progress the city has achieved (5:37). By saying how the tale of two cities is nothing more than class warfare, it is not only trying to divide the city, but it almost brought down the city to bankruptcy (5:42). Joe states he will not let that pass, and will fight to unify the city. Joe thinks that school is a huge priority for city, and he wants to expand charter schools so parents have options to better their childs education. Joe closes the speech by saying he is not a slick politician, and he will always tell the truth.

Between these 2 victory speeches, I feel that both mayors try hard to do whats best for their people. During Bill’s victorial speech, he was being specific about what needed to be changed, and what would be better for the city. By bringing up 9/11, he reminded us of what happened during in times of difficulty, and sent a message to the city that we’ll never be left unprotected, even when when under poor circumstances. Joe’s victory speech showed that he had a lot of knowledge of the city, and how New York has been his blood since the very beginning. He drew out the important issues in the city, and prioritized them by calling it out. Like Bill, he also seems to know about the Tale of Two Cities, and is well aware of how it is ripping apart the city. I feel that both mayors have similar problems they want to find an answer for, and they’re doing a pretty good job in their campaign.

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  1. I think this summary is well done, but the only issue is that there is too much detail to begin with. Bill thanking everyone is not as important as his view of happiness. I think it is important to think about that.

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