Summaries & Analysis of Victory Speeches [Revision]

Live from Gowanus, Brooklyn, NYC mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio is first being introduced by his daughter, Chiara de Blasio. As his supporters cheer him on, he moves towards the microphone with his wife, and starts to express his gratitude to everybody that has supported and voted for him. Before he continues, he speaks about events and tragedies that have affected Americans in the past (9/11) (9:09) and what can be done to not let something like that happen again. De Blasio refers to New York as “a tale of two cities”, a city that consists of poor individuals, and wealthy people, all separated. New York is a city that he plans on uniting and find a solution to. In his speech, Bill de Blasio speaks passionately about his ideals, stating, “Thinking big isn’t new to us.” The democrat mayoral candidate encourages a movement that would transform the way people think about their city, New York and it’s future. Bill de Blasio is promoting a better future for the citizens of New York City by planning on uniting them and offering more opportunities like an education for this and future generations.

Live from Midtown, Manhattan, republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota introduces himself. As he begins speaking, he thanks all of the voters who are watching at home. He then thanks his family, his big campaign team and his friends. Lhota seems very positive and hopeful about his victory, as he states “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight represents a mile marker on our road to victory in November.” (2:49) He talks about how the republican party needs to unite for the common good. He also says what his campaign has always been about the issue that matters to new yorkers and how the mayor can best serve the people of this city. He hopes to unify and strengthen his party, and prepare for victory in November, where he will likely be going up against Bill de Blasio.

Bill de Blasio’s speech focuses on the needs of the people, and what can be done to meet those needs in order to make New York a better city. His speech was more realistic because he even talks about the events of 9/11. He took a moment to remember those victims and their families that were affected by that tragedy that day. De Blasio cares for the new yorkers, wanting them to feel safer with the authority and improved security in the city.

Joe Lhota’s speech differs from de Blasio’s. His speech was very short, quick and straightforward. He basically just talks about what would be better for his party, not for the people really. Apparently, both candidates have different point of views and goals for the citizens of New York.  However, they have one main thing in common, they both want to unite their parties and build a strong future for New York City and its citizens.

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