Mayoral Speeches, Revision

Democratic nominee, Bill de Blasio, gives his victory speech at his headquarters in Gowanus, Brooklyn. De Blasio states that what he wants for the City of New York is to bring everyone to help each other not taking into concern their differences as well as fix the problems dividing New York. De Blasio take his time to thank everyone around him. Using the event of September 11, he states his main theme and goal is to get everyone to help one another. De Blasio also states that he wants to stop and resolve the “tale of two cities” (11:25) in New York, as well as Stop and Frisk which is turning into racial profiling.

Bill de Blasio talks about the people who helped each other in the disaster of 9/11. He spoke of how first responders did not give a second thought to risking themselves to save the lives of the people in danger. De Blasio states that these are the people to look up to and that there is something that can be taking of that. “The jobs of those of us in positions of authority is to keep our city safe, to be constantly vigilant, and to use every tool at our disposal to protect our people.” (9:55) De Blasio wants New Yorkers to feel safe with the authority figures in New York. He also added how Stop and Frisk became more about racial profiling. This made the city very unhappy, however he wants to make New Yorkers feel happier with these changes in authorities. Lastly, Bill de Blasio speaks of how New York has become a “tale of two cities”. One city those the rich and wealthy, while the other is made up of the people who are close and are living in poverty. De Blasio wants to change something about this as Mayor.

Republic nominee, Joe Lhota gives his victory speech in Midtown, Manhattan. He speaks that what he wants is the complete opposite then what the Democratic party wants. Lhota starts by thanking everyone, especially his parents who have helped him get to where he is today as well as using them as an example for what he wants. Lhota states that the city has been changing and will continue to change if the city can stay safe. This includes continuing with Stop and Frisk to make our communities safer. Lhota also states that a “tale of two cities” is “nothing more than class warfare in attempt to divide the city.” (5:40) To make the city better, Lhota wants to unify the city, keep change going by supporting the NYPD, help business and have an education reform.

Joe Lhota’s speech was very straightforward. From the beginning, he is stating that the two sides are fighting for completely different things. He added his own personal visions of how to make New York a better place. Lhota starts by praising the city and saying that “New York City is the city of opportunity.” (4:10) He mostly praises the NYPD for helping the city come to where it is now; “I am so proud of the men and women who have brought our crime down 75% over the last 20 years, and I’m determined to bring it down even further.” (8:38) What Lhota is trying to do is make the city a better place. By continuing Stop and Frisk, he can make our streets safer. By wanting to help business, he can get our economy to go up. Stressing the importance of an educational reform can bring better chance for the children of New York. Lhota states how his parents have fought for him and his siblings to get a good education and how every child deserves the same education. Lhota wants to keep the city changing for the better good of the people.

What both parties want for New York is completely different from each other. They both want the same thing, which is to bring better well-being to the city. However, at the same time, they both want completely different things. In a way, Bill de Blasio wants to bring happiness to each individual person, while Joe Lhota wants to change the way people feel about the city.


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