NYC Mayoral Speeches (Revised)

Bill De Blassio: Summary

During the 2013 primary Victory speech, Bill De Blasio first thanked all his family and Friends who have supported him through his run for position of mayor. He also talks about Rebuilding New York City into a better City and fixing social and economical problems among New York. He also wants to pave the way for a better education for the children so they can reach their full potential.


Bill De Blasio’s speech tapped into the city’s issues of income inequality and aggressive police practices (racial Profiling). this shows to me that bill acknowledges the social and economical issues in New York. Bill also talks about a tail of two cities implying that New York is a large gap between the wealthy and the middle class. Bill also reflects on 9/11 and how those in position of authority or the (Dominate class) should protect and keep the people safe. “We were reminded that day of a crucially important lesson,” he said, “that the job of those of us in positions of authority is to keep our city safe, to be constantly vigilant, to use every tool at our disposal to protect our people.” i think bills vision of happiness is to serve and protect the people and basically Fulfill issues that need to be fixed Among the city. i also think its humbling of bill to talk to his hometown of Brooklyn instead of Manhattan Because it shows he never forgot where he came from and he relates to the people.

Joe Lhota Summary:

in this victory Speech Candidate Lhota thanks his Daughter Katherine and His wife Tamra because they were his Inspiration for running. He also thanks his friends and parents. Joe also stresses the importance of people picking a Mayor who would best serve the city and how New york is the land of opportunity.


joe carried his tough minded approach on crime fighting and city spending. joes aim is to unify the City Lhota calls his Victory “the first step in continuing a strong future for our city.” joe stresses alot about unity and if everyone comes together the City can become better. “New York has always been the beacon of hope for the world. America is the land of opportunity, and New York City is the place where dreams come true.New York City is the City of Opportunity. There are no limits to what we can accomplish”. Joe also stresses alot about the Future and visions for New York to becoming a better City. he Also disagrees with the fact that people shouldn’t treat NY as a divided city but to unify all classes to improve the city. he doesnt want to send the city back to economic despair, fear, and hopelessness. “We’re New Yorkers and we’re in this together”. i think that joes Vision of happiness is to unify the city and come away from the division that people have set on the city. he hopes to improve the city by unity.


i thought that both speeches were very powerful and encouraging. they both talked about improving the city and its issues but i thought Bill’s speech was more personal and he actually states whats he wants to do with city. Joe talks alot about the future and unity but i dont  know what he wants to do with the city because he doesn’t state how hes going too improve the city. Bill has my vote because its more Relate-able and he has a better vision towards making the city better.

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