NYC Mayoral Speeches : Summary & Analysis 2

Bill De Blasio starts off his victory speech in his hometown of Brooklyn, (Gowanus, Brooklyn to be exact). He first thanks everyone who has helped him through his campaign journey and he also thanks his family. He states every child’s opportunity is to reach their god given potential and what they achieve will change the policies that left behind so many of our own New Yorkers. He says big change isn’t easy but, thinking big to us New Yorkers isn’t anything new. Its at the foundation of who we are and where we’ve always been. We can’t and won’t settle for the existing state of affairs, we are going to go bigger. Also, luxury condos will not take over community hospitals under his oath as mayor.

Joe Lhota and his family are live from Midtown, Manhattan with his victory speech. He starts off by thanking his voters at home along with his friends throughout the campaign and his family. The first step if he becomes mayor will be to continue a strong future for our city. He wants the republican party to come together and unite for the common good. His goals are to fix the issues that matters to New Yorkers and how the mayor can best serve the people of the city. He has conducted his campaign with integrity, honesty and substance and now it is time to unify and prepare for victory in November.

I believe that Bill De Blasio’s speech was more in touch and for the New Yorkers. He stated more of how he is going to help the people of the city rather than stating things he wants to do for the city. His commemoration to 9/11 was touching and he showed empathy towards the people of New York by thanking them for everyone who helped during 9/11. (9:16) Also, by him talking about 9/11 it made his speech more real and it made it seem as though he is actually for the people of New York and wants to help the less fortunate as well as the wealthy. He wants every child to reach their god given potential, he wants to see the children of New York succeed. He knows that New Yorkers can handle change and it isn’t new to us at all, so he wants to change the city for the better and not settle for average but, go bigger and better.

On the contrary, Joe Lhota’s speech was also uplifting but, it was fairly vague as to what he is going to do for our fellow New Yorkers. He states several times that he wants the party and the city to come together and unite but, rarely does he say how he is going to do so. Joe was the first to go to college in his family (5:03) so he believes that opportunities come easy but, not in this day and age. Before opportunities came easier than today.  He says that this is the first step to continuing a strong future for New York and it is time to unify and prepare for victory in November. Unlike De Blasio, Lhota does not state what he is going to do for New Yorkers if he wins and he doesn’t state how he is going to help them.

Overall, I think Bill De Blasio should be mayor over Joe Lhota because he is more realistic and is going to not just help but, work with the people of New York. Also, I feel like Joe Lhota wants to win this election more for himself and the Republicans rather than for the people and the city of New York. One last issue I would like to address is De Blasio stating New York as “A tail of two cities”. He believes that one city is for the wealthy and one for the working class and he would like for the two to come together. On the other hand Lhota, doesn’t see the two different classes and he thinks of everybody as one.

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  1. I agree with what you are saying about both speech’s. I feel the same. Bill De Blasio’s speech was more personal and he spoke about his plans to help the people, opposed to how Joe Lhota spoke about unity but didn’t really discuss how he was going to go about brining the city together.

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