Visions of Well-Being in NYC Mayoral Candidate Speeches.


Bill De Blasio was the democrat in the victory and was a very straight forward guy when he was doing his victory speech. He had many different visions of happiness when it came to New York City. He visioned a safe city, he wants to protect our people. “New York had become a tail of two cities. One where the very wealthy had not only rebounded from the great recession but where life couldn’t much better for them”(11:40) this was what Bill had to say about one “part” of the city. He then also said “another city where nearly half our New Yorkers are living at or near poverty line.” Bill wants to stop these two “different types of cities.” He also says that he’s a fan of stopping NYPD law of “Stop & Frisk”. Bill says he also wants kids to have the best education that they can have.

Analyze :

I really liked Bill De Blasio speech because he didn’t hold back on what he thought was right or wrong for the city. He’s really on point when saying that there’s pretty much “two cities” in one. He also made a good point with “Stop & Frisk”. Nobody should be worried about walking home or anything and a cop wanting to pull you over just because you look “suspicious”. I liked that he also said that there pretty much is no such thing as a high standard when it comes to New Yorkers. High standards for children, their education, jobs and affordable housing.

Summary :

Joe Lhota was the republican in this victory speech. A very well speech was put together by his part. Supporting “Stop & Frisk”, wants good neighborhoods and he pretty much sums it all up saying that he wants to really support the NYPD to the most that he can. He wants to keep NYC going at the same track that it’s going right now. (11:30) “We need high standards.” Joe here is saying high standards about school and education for students with better teachers and charter schools. Joe believes to help small businesses and middle class families as well because they are the “back bone” of this economy.

Analyze :

I believe that Joe really made a strong case in his victory speech. He believed to help middle class families and believed that to keep city streets more safe there would be more power and support for the NYPD. He had a very strong and demanding victory speech that showed just how much effort he would really put to his job if he’s elected mayor.

Comparison: Both candidates had very strong victory speeches and neither really didn’t make any weak points. Bill made great statements about poverty and how to try and help middle class people, but so did Joe. Joe and Bill had different views on most things like police enforcement and how much power should police have. Bill thought Stop and Frisk should be stopped when Joe on the other hand supports stop and frisk 100% percent. Both guys really want to develop and find ways to help education grow and become better for the children. More affordable housing is on the list for both guys. I just believe that Joe was more demanding and made a stronger case but I like Bills policies and ideas more.

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