Visions of Well-Being in NYC Mayoral Candidate Speeches

Bill De Blasio’s Speech

In Gowanus, Brooklyn Bill De Blasio gives his victory speech¬† and explains the things that he wants to change and improve.¬†Before De Blasio gives his speech his daughter, Chiara, introduces him. When he comes on stage he thanks¬†his family¬†and everyone who has been working with him during his campaign.¬†Then he¬†begins¬†to say that due to 9/11 the affordability¬†of houses has dropped significantly and expensive homes are being built in place of hospitals. He also addressed the issue of the stop and frisk policy that¬†some police officers have been following also known as racial profiling and¬† hurts our communities. Lastly he goes on to say that we are New Yorkers and we strive to live the best way possible and¬†some people may call us crazy and selfish to¬†want to do so.De Blasio states,” And there are those who said our ambition for this city is too bold. That we’re asking of the wealthier New Yorkers too much.”(14:41-14:53) He explains that we aren’t asking for too much and our ambition isn’t too high because we are New Yorkers and “thinking big isn’t new to us.”(15:33-15:37)


Bill De Blasio’s goal of happiness is to make life better for New Yorkers. He spoke about these luxury homes being built in place¬† for hospitals. If this continues to happen a lot of people are going to die because they are not going to get the proper care they need when sick or battling a disease. The affordability of houses has gone down and as a result, there are a few people who can actually¬† buy these houses, in turn forcing people to live¬†in shelters or elsewhere.¬†Racial profiling should not be something that is¬†happening like De Blasio stated nor should¬† it be looked at as being ¬†normal.¬†De Blasio wants us all to live comfortably and be happy and content¬†with our lives.

Joe Lhota’s Speech

Joe Lhota’s Speech is given in Midtown, Manhattan. He thanks his family, friends¬†all the people who have been supporting him through the campaign.He then goes on to say that¬†they need to unify and strengthen their party so that they can improve their communities or anything they want to change for the better. “Now is the time for our party to come together and unite for the common good.”(2:55-3-05) He also acknowledges why he wins and lists¬†four things, “issues, visions, principles,¬†and experiences”(3:29-3:34). He says that he focuses mainly on the issues of the people and commits himself to trying to better the people’s circumstances, no matter how big or small.


Joe Lhota’s view of happiness for New Yorkers is to do whatever makes them feel happy and address the issues that concern them. He was very general, so I do not know exactly what he wants to focus on to improve the lives of New Yorkers. He also didn’t seem very happy or enthusiastic when giving his speech, but more serious and firm.

Compare/ Contrast

Bill De Blasio, a democrat, gave a more in depth victory speech compared to Joe Lhota’s, a republican. In De Blasio’s speech he not only thanked everyone who assisted him during the campaign but also readdressed some of the issues New Yorkers have been having. Joe Lhota’s speech was mainly him thanking everyone and expressing how he wants to unify¬†and strengthen his party so that he could beat De Blasio in November. De Blasio also seems a little more enthusiastic and happy then Lhota in his speech. Both speeches were good, but Bill De Blasio’s was not only a thank you speech , but also one talking about the issues New Yorkers are facing today


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