visions of well-being for NYC

Bill De Blaisio new york city primary victory speech starts in more of a personal light his eighteen year old Chiara opens a warm felt dedication to her father and all his work ethics. He than thanks all whom have participated in supporting him in his efforts to help him become NYC’s new democratic  mayor. As the speech goes on he passionately give thanks to his close love ones. His wife  who he puts at a high statue says she will be the next first lady (7:45) as well as showing a large amount of pride when referring to his children dantae and chaira. Blaisio also held in remembrance nine-eleven, later on he talks about  “A Tale Of Two Cities” which it refers to the “have and have nots” the wealthy and the poor in  political terms the “taxation of the wealthy” ,  racial profiling and the abuse of  “stop and frisky” and lastly the most important one of all that was discussed was the education policy. In his conclusion he states that these are “Risks as a city, we can not afford to take” (16:20).

Joe Lhota Victory Speech, was short and simple he started out by giving a lovely thank you to his  daughter and his wife  he also give thanks to his parents his campaign team and  also all who put  effort into making his campaign stronger  from his point of view. He states  that he wants the community   to come together  and unite for the better but does not clarify how he wants to do this or how he will do this.


Analysis :

Bill De  blaisio’s speech was outstanding in a short amount of time that he talked. He seemed to really care about the New York citizens it was more heartfelt. De Blasio talked about what he felt what the issues of New York City which many can relate to.  His remembrance of 9/11 allowed people to actually  he respect and compassion  for  the people of new york . because he himself hold his children to high standards he wants all the children to have the best o what education has to offer. He also sheds light of the economic growth of  the mid –class and poor referring to the taxation of the wealthy .


On the other joe Lhota , was very vague in his approach to win my attention into believing that he would be the best candidate for mayor more likely he just discussed that he was thankful for the people that help support him with the campaign people that promoted him in the campaign and his family. he does say that he wants changes for New York but doesn’t state how he himself will do that


I believe the Bill De blasio will be best candidate for mayor because he relates to the people his concern for the individuals of new york are the same concerns every New Yorker has for their family. Financial and educational support seems to be very important to him



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