Summaries and analysis of NYC Mayoral Candidate Speeches


New York City mayoral candidate Bill De Blasio was giving a speech live from Gowanus, Brooklyn. The speech started with bill De Blasio daughter Chiara giving a short speech of her own. She was thanking the citizens who voted for her dad and also was admired by her father for coming a long way when there were people doubting him. After Chiara gave a short speech, her dad Bill De Blasio came up on stage thanking people for voting for him and offering them his love and gratitude. Bill De Blasio talks about putting an end to “stop and frisk” because it is looked as racial profiling. He also wants to solve the issue of the “Tale of two cities”. Bill De Blasio wants to move forward and make New York a better place.

New York City mayoral candidate Joe Lhota was giving a speech live from midtown, Manhattan. He started by thanking the people who helped him reach to be where he is but mostly his family stating “These two women have been my foundation, my source of energy and strength and my inspiration. I wouldn’t be standing here without them”. What brought Joe Lhota to victory were “issue, vision, principle, and experience” as he says. He was the first person in his family to attend college and he said he will make all New Yorkers gets the opportunity. Joe Lhota wants “stop and frisk” to continue. Crime rate is low but he wants it to be at a rate where it’s safer for the citizens. He wants to support and help businesses to become successful and to improve the education system.


Bill De Blasio wants to help the city of New York to become better place. His speech was more developed and his daughter Chiara gave a speech about the way her dad is a hard working person. I think when his daughter gave a speech; it gave Bill De Blasio a better chance of winning NYC Mayoral Candidate. Bill De Blasio wants to help all of New Yorker and I do believe he actually wants to because his speech sounded very convincing. I think bill de Blasio thought on “stop and frisk” is right, NYPD stopping an innocent citizen to frisk them because they look suspicious is wrong.

Joe Lhota wants to unite both parties to end the “tale of two cities” but he didn’t explain how he would and also his speech wasn’t really to help new Yorkers, it was to help the wealthy community to basically become wealthier. He takes sides with the NYPD and there is nothing wrong with that but it shows that he’s okay with the NYPD taking advantage of citizens because he agrees with the law “stop and frisk”.

In my opinion I believe that Bill De Blasio should win the NYC Mayoral Candidate because he knows what he’s doing and he wants to help the citizens of New York. Joe Lhota has some good points but he cares more about helping businesses and entrepreneurs.





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