NYC Mayoral Candidate Speeches


In his speech Bill De Blasio’s brought up those who are less fortunate, the lower or working class and spoke about how things such as hospitals which are a necessity especially in poorer neighborhoods; are being taken away so that other things such as condos can be built. He spoke about how he wants to put an end to racial profiling. In his speech he thanked a lot of people that helped him during his candidate such as Organizations, Ambassadors, his Campaign team, family and friends. He spoke about how everyone should have an equal opportunity to receive an education.Ā  Overall he showed where he stands and the changes that he wants to make.


Bill De Blasio’s speech was very humble, heart felt and humorous. In the beginning of his speech his daughter spoke and he had a brief moment where he thanked his kids and wife and it was very sweet. He chose to do his speech in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan which shows that he has not forgotten about where he has come from.Ā  People like a family man it is very appealing it shows that he has morals and is trust worthy and Bill De Blasio certainly does seem like someone who is true to his word.

At 17:36Ā minutes in his speech he spoke about change and it reminded me of Obama, which makes him seem like he more appealing candidate because it shows that he is for the people. He spoke about how he wants to put an end to racial profiling and that can really appealing to the people because it shows that someone is listening to what they have to say.

Bill De Blasio’s speech was strong because he had evidence to back up what he was saying from 11:51 minutes to 12:22 minutes he discussed how the lower class or working class are being forgotten, because the upper class are coming into poorer neighborhoods and they are buying out what little is there. His speech was very well put together, humble, it showed unity and loyalty.


In his speech Joe Lhola spoke about his family and friends/colleagues. He thanked them all. I notice that he did not really discuss his plans on what he would want to change if he were to become mayor.


In the beginning his speech was very sloppy andĀ you couldn’t really hear what he was saying at times because of the music that was playing. He speech was very short and he did not really talk about his plans for change. It seemed like he thought he was going to win right off the back.

His speech could have been better. He could have talked about things that he would like to change and how he would go about doing so. It could have been more personal in the sense that he was establishing a connection with the voters.


Bill De Blasio’s speech appealed to people more, it was personal and humble. He showed that he genially cares forĀ his voters and has theirĀ best interest at heart.Ā Joe Lhola’s speech although he didĀ mention hisĀ family and thanked a lotĀ of people was very brief and he did not touch base on any issues that are occurring. Voters like to know that the person they are voting for honestly does care and his listening to what tey have to say and Joe Llhoa’s speech does not show that they way that Bill DeĀ Blasio’s does.

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