NYC Democratic and Republican Mayoral Victory Speeches

[Summary for Bill De Blasio’s Mayoral Victory Speech]

Democrat Bill De Blasio, being a native of Brooklyn, decides to have his Mayoral Victory Speech in Gowanus, Brooklyn. He takes sometime to thank his family, campaign team, fellow Democrats, and his supporters. While reflecting on the events of 9/11, he mentions how New Yorkers all united and came to the aide of each other. He believes like then, everyone now should help every person in need. Between the time frame of 11:30 and 13:00, he acknowledges the fact that nearly half of New York citizens are either at or beneath the poverty line, the safety issues caused because of racial profiling, and the need for better education for the youth. Knowing that there are many doubts, Bill De Blasio still wants to move forward and has plans to change New York for the better.


I feel that Bill De Blasio is more of what New York needs.  Someone that has realistic ideas that if put forth, can change things in a positive way.  He shows his supporters that he is a family man. Having his two kids, both in different ways speaking on his behalf, and wife by his side, shows that his family supports him and his positive thoughts for change. In mentioning 9/11, he gets to the fact that one point in time New Yorkers came together and helped the men, women, and children through such a devastating event. Also, knowing that there is a rift between the poor and the rich, he wants to change that as well by helping to improve the circumstances of the lower class with the help and support of the higher classes. Being that racial profiling has become a major problem, having that stopped will increase the safety of the police and the citizens of our cities.  Lastly, the education for our youth is in much need for improvement and I feel that if Bill De Blasio is as passionate and dedicated as he claims, there just might be hope for all of our futures in New York.

[Summary for Joe Lhota’s Mayoral Victory Speech]

Republican Joe Lhota held his victory speech in Midtown, Manhattan. He starts his speech by giving thanks to his family, campaign workers and volunteers, as well as his fellow Republicans. He mentions that there are issues that need to be addressed. He talks about the Republican Party coming together to change the issues of New York. Unification of the Republican Party is very important to him.


Honestly, I really didn’t see the point in Joe Lhota giving a speech.  It seemed to me that he was more into his Republican peers than the actually well-being of the citizens.  Knowing there are issues that need to be addressed, I wanted to know exactly which of them he actually cares to change and why.  Are the issues just towards what effects his people, Republicans, or New Yorkers as a whole.  Nothing was really mentioned therefore, the questions that I have for him is, what would New York gain, as a whole, by electing him Mayor?  What are the biggest issues for New York that he wants to change?


Bill De Blasio shows more compassion than Joe Lhota.  What I got from the both of them was that De Blasio wants everyone to become united no matter what.  By using 9/11 in his speech, he shows that we as a people do have the ability to look past our differences or what classes we belong to.  It shouldn’t have to take a crisis for us to do so.  On the other hand, Joe Lhota seems to want the unity to be within the Republican party.  He never actually discussed what issues needed change or what the change could do to benefit all of us. 

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