Mayoral candidate speeches

Democratic Nominee- Bill de Blasio

After watching the results from tuesday’night Bill de Blasio gave to its people a speech in Brooklyn where he talk about everything that he wants to do for New york as a mayor. First his daughter Chiara started talking about his father like a heroe for achieving something that many people thought he was not going to be able to do, also she was thanking to all those who have always supported her dad and his campaign. When Bill de Blasio came to stage he started his speech by talking about the tragedy of the 9/11, by saying that in those moments was when new yorkers were united and that’s what he want to do for the future. After talking about the 9/11 and how the people was supporting each other, de Blasio started talking about his plans on how to stop New York from been a “tale of two cities” and about the police policy.


Bill de Blasio has a concrete way of viewing happiness in the city. For him in order to be happy and succeed the city need to have equality, the opportunity to demonstrate their potential and goals that could transform the future into a positive way. During his speech he said that NY is like a “Tale of two cities” because it is divided into two different parts, the the wealthy rebounded from resesion and the ones who live in poverty and bad conditions. In order to change this city from this tale of two ities he has the plan of giving every child the opportunity of a better education so that in the future they could change the poverty that the city have. According to Bill de Blasio the city can not keep looking forward the future because of the guilty of thinking too big but also because of there are those who said that ambitions for the city were too bold. De Blasio’s goals in order to reach happiness in the city are very good and stable but in order to do that he has to do a lot of things that could beneficiate their citizens.

Republic Nominee: Joe Lhota

Joe Lhota speech was very good and straight to the point. When he was on stage giving his speech he said that he was thankful for having all those citizens by his side but also that the journey continues. Alsohe said that his goal is to unify their party and resolve the issues of vision, principles and experience. Another of his goals is to build a strong future so that all the citizens could have a better opportunity in life.


As I said it before on the summary, Joe Lhota’s speech was very short but also straight to the point without saying a lot of goals and things that he want to achieve.The view of happines that he has for the city is only unify it and do everything that could be possible for creating a better future for their citizens. In other words he is thinking more in like busssiness and industries for the economy of New York.

Compare & Contrast

We can notice that eventhough Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota have the same dream of been the mayor of New York city they both have different perspectives and strategies of how to make the city succeed. Bill de Blasio wants the city to be united and also creating more opportunities so that children who lives in poor condition could have a better education and future. Also he wants to offer a progressive alternative to the Bloomberg narrow. Mean while Joe Lhota is concentrating more like in bussiness and he doesn’t have like a certain goal to make a better future for the city. I think that Bill de Blasio’s strategies are better than the ones from Joe Lotha because they are more concrete and they have a better base.

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