Summary of “How Happy Are You? A Census Wants to Know”

Census wants to know how happy SOMERVILLE, Mass is and in April 30, 2011 a survey was given. In that survey people were asked to rate their happiness from a 1-10 then asked why did they choose that particular number. It soon came to the ideas that if the town wasn’t happy, what was the caused of its unhappiness. One particular person wrote, “I would like to be three inches taller and speak Quechua fluently.” He rate his happiness a 6. The survey was very broad, it wasn’t just one specific thing it had peoples problem from the govern body of the town to a persons learning skills. Mr. Curtatone said, “Cities Keep carful track of their finances, a bond rating doesn’t tell us how people fell…” Not everyone was one board with the idea of a survey determining how the city or town should be made or build. Through the reading I cant really say if it was dumb or smart, it was interesting, the concept of basing the town with how happy the people were was an interesting thought. I would have loved to be apart of such a group if I lived in that town.

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