How happy are you ?

John Tierney New york  times article titled “How Happy are you? A Census Wants to Know”,  discusses  how Somerville  a city in Massachusetts filled out a survey given by officials in Boston who wanted to evolve pass the traditional measures of success  and economic growth  so that they can encourage  new polices they can put to play to promote more than just the materialistic being of the community. As stated in the article “Somerville used to be renowned for crime and nicknamed “Slummerville,” …..”  Taking that into consideration many the citizens there  made sure they participated in  this survey test taking  it was noted that “more than 7,500 people have mailed back the survey, some of them clearly not limiting their answers to municipal concerns.” As a result the mayor  was greatly pleased with this survey it allowed him to the mindsets of his Citizens and what policies he needed to get to bring improvement to the community. The survey asked questions like “to rate the nuts-and-bolts aspects of their communities — the police, the schools, the availability of affordable housing — as well as the “beauty or physical setting” of Somerville, an industrial town full of triple-decker houses. The city wants to know: “Taking everything into account, how satisfied are you with Somerville as a place to live?”……” and so forth  therefore showing that they truly cared for the opinion of the people which in they end flattered residents by the cities attention thus encourage more positive attitude from the citys people.

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