Summary ‘How Happy Are You? A Census Wants to Know’

In Somerville people filled out city census, this time people got new question on the topic of ‘How happy do you feel right now?’ They want to know what would make the people happy. More than 7,500 people mail back the survey; most of them didn’t really answer the question. Dr. Gilbert said they need more people to speak out and tell them what they need to improve. Dr. Gilbert said Somerville needs more park or highways. Workers should get longer coffee break or more vacation days. Vanessa Lagerman who lived in Somerville for six year said they are changing the city to become a better place now they have bike lanes. This is making people happier. Conor Brennan said he happy about the city attention they care about people happiness. They want Somerville to become a better place for people to live. Dr. Gilberts said adding new question to the survey was a good idea now they could find out what would make the people happy. Most people in Somerville is satisfied in the environment. “Other residents also said they felt flattered by the city’s attention.” This mean other city are motivate of how the city Somerville support people idea. Somerville is a city that cares about people happiness.


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