When I am asked about what I vision as my happiness, I see love. I see love between a mother and daughter, a family, bestfriends, a spouse, self love. I think that love is a beautiful thing that everyone should expirence; whether it be from a family memeber or a bestfriend, a boyfriend/girlfriend or even from themselves.

I think that feeling that you get inside from knowing that someone cares for you can bring you more joy than anything else in this world. But if you do not have that then the love that you have for yourself may subside. If I did not have the love of my family or close friends I don’t know where I would be. When the going gets tough I know that I have people there for me that I can relay on and vent to about my feelings.

I think that although there is good and bad in the world it would be a dark place if there were no love in it to help people get through those hard times. For example over this past year I struggled a lot with personal and family issues, but the love of the people around me is what kept me going even when I wanted to give up. All of that love is what brought me to a better happier place.


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