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My name is Wes Ackley and i was born born May 22nd, 1995. I was raised on east long island in a mildly sized town known as Riverhead. At a young age i grew to love skateboarding. Skateboarding has not only allowed me to challenge myself, but also shape and allow me to grow as a unique person. I met many of my close friends through skating and have even been introduced to to other various hobbies.

Currently i am enrolled as a student at CUNY New York City college of technology, majoring in human services. After i attain my bachelors degree i hope to one day study for my masters in either California or Hawaii. Once i have my masters degree i would like to become an art therapist. What is that?- you may ask yourself. Art therapy originates from two fields being art, and psychotherapy. It can focus on the art making process as therapeutic itself or the therapist can use the art to interpret the clients symbolic self expression. So for now, that is my plan in life.970411_629482407064281_946382553_n (completed 9/1, some confusion with site, spoke with you after class)

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  1. Wow, art therapy sounds really fascinating! How did you get interested in pursuing that career? Are you an artist yourself?

    Also, what a great photo!

    It would be good to mention (at least your first) name somewhere in the title or body of the post, so we can figure out more easily who is writing to us 🙂

    • Thank you! I first had interest in psychology when i took a class for in it in high school, but not until i took a college level class did i realize i didn’t want to major in psych. I love and appreciate all kinds of art but not quite enough to devote my life to it, or else i would of probably went to an art school. So, when i heard about opportunities in art therapy i figured it sounded perfect for me. Personally i love to draw graffiti art or what some call typography in my sketchbooks, but i do not limit myself to tying other styles of art such as photography. Many people, including myself, believe skateboarding is also an art.

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