Where do I begin…


My name is Lataya but you guys can call me Taya for short.  I am 22 years old, this is my first semester of college, and my major is Human Services.  I choose HUS as my major because it is the starting point for me to become what I’ve always wanted to do and that is becoming a Child and Family Therapist.  I have a 2 years old daughter name Amicia that I love very much. ^_^  I am a very friendly person but like most people until I am comfortable, I’m quiet.   I look forward to this adventure with all of you and getting to know all of you better.

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  1. Thanks for your Introduction Taya, and glad to have you in our course this semester! Hopefully our discussions on happiness/well-being this Fall will resonate with your desire to becoming a Child and Family Therapist.

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