Whats Happiness?

Happiness – The state of being happy“. Happiness something that everyone wishes for. Every individual has their own happiness in theirs own ways. people can be happy having money, cars, luxuries est. Others are happy by living life, having a home, a job and even by just having a family. To me happiness is been at peace in your mind, to me that peace of mind is been with my family doing things we enjoy for example having a BBQ. Also to me been happy is putting a smile on someone that is in need of one to make their day better and give that extra push on a bad day. Others may say that a smile doesn’t mean that a person is happy or has happiness in their life, but to me a smile means that at least I or who ever made you smile brought happiness to you. It might have been a second of happiness but always appreciate everything you receive specially if its free.Happiness-Hands1



Been happy may mean to you spending time with your family. Also, all the crazy things that you guys talk, all the trips you have taken, every second that you spend with them may mean happiness to you. In other hand to someone else happiness may mean waking up every morning going to school because you knowing that education will provide you with a better lifestyle. In addition you may like school because that’s the time that you get to connect with others, work in groups, est. To me happiness is spending quality time with my family, doing BBQs, turning the music up and party like the world is going to end, spending some quality time with the people that understand me, people that i have spend my whole life growing with and just talk. To me listening to my family is like a hearing a book because they’re telling you all these stories and you have to picture it in your own head as if you’re part of the story.

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