Hey it’s Alex

Hello, my name is Alex. I’m 17 years old, and my current major is human services. I’ve recently graduated from University Neighborhood High School, and starting college is a huge change in my life, mainly because you’re mostly on your own from now. I’m also an extremely lazy person, and will push things to the last second to do them, such as home work. I hope to work with you guys in class, and have a great semester!



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  1. Thanks for this Introduction Alex, and welcome to the course! Yes, the transition from high school to college can be quite challenging, since (as your rightfully point out) college involves much more self-motivation and discipline. Hopefully our emphasis on drafting/revision this semester will help you to think of writing as a process rather than a one-shot deal that you just can do at the last second.

    We’d love to hear even more about you! Also, please add an image of yourself here (and in your OpenLab profile, as your avatar), so that we can start to connect your name with your face. You can just go in an “edit” this post to update it.

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