Happiness For Eunice

If I was to make a list of what makes me happy at the top of my head, my list would be; my boyfriend, food, my fridge, my bed, anime, my phone, friends¬†and more food. It’s what they provide for me is what makes me happy. The feeling of solving a math question, the feeling of riding my bike through the park, and the feeling of finally seeing your order coming at a restaurant are also feelings that make me happy. Listening to music also makes me really happy. I love just laying down and having all my problems leave by melodies and beats in my ears.



Thinking about what was really supposed to be included in this happiness post, I started to really give more thought about what it was that really made me happy. There was one memory that really stands out to me as being a really happy night for me, and that would be my prom night. The event itself was pretty memorable, since it was my high school senior prom. But for me, what made it more memorable was being surrounded by the people that I loved, my date and friends. It’s a memory¬†that, to this¬†day, just thinking about it anywhere, fills me with happiness.¬†That same day,¬†in the morning, people were called out to help out set up for the big night. As lazy as people can be, not many people showed up, so that little event became more of a playtime between a few close people. Trying to rapidly decorate the room at Astoria Manor, we started playing with¬†the stuff we had. We started playing soccer with the balloons on the floor and threw confetti in each¬†other’s hair.¬†We laughed so hard throughout that small time we were together.

A few hours later,¬†the time had finally arrived. I remember being so nervous, I was having second thoughts about going. All¬†my crazy nervous feelings left when I stepped into the room. I saw¬†all my friends there already.¬†We all ran into each other’s arms and gave loving hugs, complementing each other on how pretty we looked. ¬†Being with all my friends like that and just enjoying the night, made me forget about all the outside problems I had.¬†I was just living in the moment with all the good-looking people around me. The loud music in the background, I think, helped drown out any doubts I had. I was pretty hard to listen to my own thoughts. The food there was also really good!¬†I was able to have fried rice and plantains, which have to be my favorite¬†foods!¬†Some extra happiness there, too! Overall, the whole experience was really fun. I loved being able to spend time with the people I had spent four years with. That night, everyone seemed to love¬†everyone.

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