Professor Joshua Belknap | Co Req ML | Spring 2023

Thinking about Modality 5/4/23

Today we are going to discuss modalities. Write a letter describing your Unit 3 project, including the genre/mode that you are planning on. What is your final project going to be about? You might start out, “My project is going to be about….” And go on to articulate what evidence you have to back up your ideas, what parts still feel rough to you about your ideas.

Remember that the mode you choose will be that which you feel will most effectively communicate your ideas to the specific audience you want to reach. Reflect on the writing that you have done so far.

· What personal investment do you have in this issue?

· Why does your argument matter?

· What counter-interpretations might work against your emerging claims?

· What are you struggling with most as you approach the draft?

· How does the mode you are working in aid (or complicate) your answers to these first questions?

Post your writing about this here as a response.

After you are finished with your writing, you can discuss your writing and your Unit 3 project with a partner. Interview each other about your project, using the questions above as a starting point.


  1. Bryan loko

    I personally believe that what I have invested in this issue has been my time learning and discovering more about why it has such a big impact on society.I believe that my argument matters because, more than demonstrating facts, it also has a point of view that sees things more from my perspective.I think that a counter-interpretation could be the concerns that our economy destabilizes more than it already is. It could be to find the best sources of information that are authentic and real facts, but I also suppose that it would be how to describe or demonstrate each point of view without having to be so direct but not so complex either.I think it does help me to ask myself how I’ve been doing my work so far and if I should go back and see if there’s any way I can change something to improve it so that my ideas still have the same goal and purpose.

  2. helia javaherian

    As an immigrant, I have been a part of this community, and I know how it feels like to face the struggles I believe my argument matters because I have been a part of those people who have gone through the whole process of adapting to a new environment and leaving home behind I don’t believe there will be something against my claims because it is more of an experience for everyone who does move to another country. I have enough sources and I know enough people around me that have gone through the same situation therefore I do not have trouble finding sources of any kind.

  3. Heylin D

    • My personal investment on this issue would be trying to map out my draft for the genre I’m using. 
    • I do think my argument matters because my topic is about how social media negatively affects teens mental health. And a lot of teens including other people struggle with it, whether it being from their past.
    • The counter-interpretations I might work on is figuring out how to make the audience surprise by the affects mental health has, and learn or take accountability on what else should be done to help the struggles that come with it.
    • I’m struggling how I approach in my draft with wondering how would I start it, what I’m doing is I’m likely going to try to make a comic as my genre. So I was maybe thinking for my draft is mapping out what I need to put in the comic (by sections).
    • The mode I’m working on aids well with the first questions is that the mode that I’ll choose will show as much information as needed for the everyone to know making it easy for them to understand the what’s and how’s. 
  4. Tanvir Zaman

    1) What personal investment do you have in this issue?

     My personal investment in this issue is that the earth is warming due to global warming, which is causing hotter and drier rivers, lakes, and climates.

    2) Why does your argument matter?

     I think my argument matters because my topic is global warming. because it is an important and scientific fact that the Earth’s climate is changing due to human activities, such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation. The consequences of global warming are severe and widespread, including sea level rise, more intense and frequent heat waves, droughts, floods, and storms, and the extinction of many species. Addressing global warming requires collective action and policy changes on a global scale, and the argument for it helps to raise awareness and mobilize public support for taking action.

     3) What counter-interpretations might work against your emerging claims?

    Counter-interpretations against global warming emerging claims might argue that the science is uncertain or incomplete, that natural climate variability or other factors are responsible for the observed changes, or that the costs of addressing global warming outweigh the benefits. While these arguments have been raised in public debates, the scientific consensus is that human activities are the primary cause of global warming, and that urgent and coordinated action is needed to mitigate its impacts.


    4) What are you struggling with most as you approach the draft?

    Im struggling with more specific information that approach my draft and Imade some slides for presentation and explanation about my research.

    5) How does the mode you are working in aid (or complicate) your answers to these first questions?

    The mode I’m working on aids well with the first questions that the mode that I’ll choose will show as much information as needed for everyone to know making it easy for them to understand the details.

  5. carlagarcia

    Topic: How did X-ray diagnosis help people with COVID-19

    X-ray diagnosis has been a crucial tool in the diagnosis of COVID-19, especially in areas where access to other diagnostic tests such as PCR tests is limited. X-rays can help identify certain patterns and abnormalities in the lungs that are characteristic of COVID-19. This can aid in early detection and timely management of the disease, which can improve patient outcomes.

    The argument for the use of X-ray diagnosis in COVID-19 management matters because it provides an alternative diagnostic tool that can be used in resource-limited settings, where other tests may not be available or may take too long to process. It also highlights the importance of timely diagnosis and management of the disease, which can help reduce the burden on healthcare systems and improve patient outcomes.

    Counter-interpretations against the use of X-ray diagnosis in COVID-19 may include concerns about radiation exposure and the possibility of false positive or false negative results. It is important to weigh the benefits and risks of X-ray diagnosis in the context of individual patients and their specific clinical situation.

    I may struggle with organizing my thoughts and ideas when writing about complex topics such as the use of X-ray diagnosis in COVID-19 management.

    The mode of working can aid or complicate answers to these questions. For example, working in a collaborative environment with other healthcare professionals can help generate new ideas and perspectives, while working in isolation may limit the scope and quality of the analysis. Similarly, the mode of working, such as typing or voice to text, may affect the clarity and coherence of the writing.

  6. Duc Giang

     The personal investment I have is the issue of healthcare, and racism Community between black and white people. It is important to me because I saw the problem racism is a big problem in the United States. Furthermore, the black community doesn’t have equal treatment in living, food, medicine, etc. The counter-interpretations might work against your emerging claims evidence to show that is true and show what happened in New York City now. The first struggle with most as you approach the draft is to research the true source and find it is true. Furthermore, I have to research a lot of websites to prove it is right and what happened now. 

  7. Tatiana K


                  My project is going to be about documentary movies and their influence. There is not issues that I would need to make an investment on. But an investment it would be needed in general to bring more example and make my Unit 3 look better. My argument matter in a fact that the modality I chose for my Unit 3 has a motivational context. There is no counter-interpretations against my claims. What I represent in my Unit 3 is based on real stories and facts. And I have no struggling moments just need to do more research and make sure that my essay it will be full of helpful information. People I interviewed about documentaries brought me more new facts and a new kind of documentary called archaeological documentaries which I’ll definitely added to my Unit 3.

  8. Denisa

    This project aims to shed light on the alarming issue of child abuse and its profound impact on the children of New York City. As a resident of this vibrant metropolis, I have a personal investment in this issue. Every child deserves a safe and nurturing environment to grow and thrive, but unfortunately, many are subjected to the horrors of abuse, leaving lasting scars on their lives.

    The significance of this argument lies in its ability to uncover the hidden realities faced by countless children in our community. By exposing the devastating impact of child abuse, we can ignite a sense of urgency and action among policymakers, organizations, and the general public. Together, we can work towards implementing effective preventive measures, providing support to survivors, and ensuring the safety and well-being of our future generations.

    While my argument is compelling, I acknowledge the existence of counter-interpretations that may challenge my claims. Some may argue that child abuse is a complex issue with no simple solutions, while others might question the accuracy of statistics or the effectiveness of existing interventions. To address these counter-interpretations, I will rely on comprehensive research, interviews with experts in the field, and real-life stories of survivors to provide a balanced and informed perspective.

    As I approach the draft, I find myself grappling with the emotional weight of this topic. It is crucial to strike a balance between presenting the grim realities of child abuse and maintaining a sense of hope and resilience throughout the article. Additionally, organizing the vast amount of information and data into a coherent and impactful narrative poses a challenge, but I am committed to creating a compelling and informative piece.

    The mode of investigative journalism aids my answers to the initial questions by allowing me to present factual evidence, personal narratives, and expert insights. It provides a platform to engage readers emotionally and intellectually, urging them to take action and join the fight against child abuse.

  9. Zakaria billa

    My project is to bring to be people on how healthy lifestyle will bring happiness to anyone’s life 

    Food health and training should be the number one most important thing we should all pay as much attention to because these are thing that bring better and happy life at the end of the day. Food should be our number because nowadays people tend to spend more of the earning moneys on junk food which is not really beneficial to them as it’s doesn’t bring any good thing to their life but make it hard and obese. I think this is one important thing people need to be paying attention to as obesity is something that have many consequences ex depression anxiety lack of confidence etc … this is supposed to be our enemy but the fast food company have made easier for people to get arms they are opening more and more fast food restaurant all over the cities. This make it easier for people to get it her weight as they no longer have the interest to cook their own food at home . I remember in 2020 during the pandemic lockdown i lot of friends, families members have gottwn over weights because of the lack of knowing how to cook healthier food on their food own. That is because the fast food are being more promoted on social media more then healthier food so a lot of people have no interest in learning how to cook healthier food for themselves and their families.Life would’ve been better if their wasn’t as much as these fast food restaurants and also people would’ve preferred home mad food instead of these fast food restaurants. Training should also be an important thing everyone should add to their daily schedule as it help to challenge yourself sometimes and to make yourself feel and have more confidence in yourself. During the lockdown in 2020 I have gotten a little bit of eight myself and it’s was through working out that I was able to get my old self and also it’s was for that, that  I have push myself self and have this body of mine today it’s make more happier. Just looking at myself in a mirror i am always happy and the decision that I have made during this time and it have change my whole life around. 

    I thing everybody should try to workout at least ¾ time in a week. It’s will make them happier in their lifetime and also try to have an healthy cookbook to guide them to live a healthier lifestyle. 

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