Professor Joshua Belknap | Co Req ML | Fall 2023

10/2/23 Unit 2: Reflective Annotated Bibliography Writing Activity

Write about initial ideas for your reflective annotated bibliography (Unit 2 writing project). We’ll look at the guidelines for this project in class, and then please write about a research topic you’re interested in learning more about, addressing the below questions.

What is something you were interested in when you were a child? Are you still interested in that topic? How did asking questions help you learn more about that topic?

If so, how has your curiosity changed and grown over the years? And what role did the educational system play in your curiosity (good or bad)? 

If you are not interested in this topic anymore, what do you think happened to that interest? Do you remember the specific time you LOST interest?  What did you become interested in instead (and why?).

What are you interested in now? What are you interested in learning more about now?  Post here as a comment below.


  1. Fairlay

    Something that interested me as a child was racism in sports specifically in the nfl. I am still interested in this topic. Asking questions about this topic helped me learn more about this topic because it made me more knowledgeable about this topic.My curiosity about this topic has risen over the years because this issue is still going on even now. I’ve also been interested in other topics like, lgbtq rights, abortion, social media impact on the youth and inflation in the US. I’m also interested in learning more about climate change.

  2. Jguarango21

    Reflective annotated bibliography writing activity

    Main Idea: Gun smuggling into Mexico.

    What is something you were interested in when you were a child? Are you still interested in that topic? How did asking questions help you learn more about that topic?

    I was always interested in “War” as a child I would see news about wars going on in different countries and always asked myself. Why is there a war, what are they fighting about? So as the years passed, I noticed a never-ending war. The war on drugs. Yes, I still am, I always watch documentaries about this topic, there is so many to talk about. But in this case, “Gun smuggling into Mexico”. Questions like, why is this happening, where does this happen, who is Pablo Escobar. Just curiosity in general and my mother would tell me about the news about this person when she was younger.

    If so, how has your curiosity changed and grown over the years? And what role did the educational system play in your curiosity (good or bad)? 

    I can say now that I have more access to the internet, I can find almost anything about this topic, from documentaries, to articles, news, etc. I can say the educational system has helped me find ways to discover and bring my attention to work developed by journalists. It’s a good way as I mentioned it’s interesting to look up about the world.

    If you are not interested in this topic anymore, what do you think happened to that interest? Do you remember the specific time you LOST interest? What did you become interested in instead (and why?).

    I still have interest in the war of drugs. I haven’t lost interest; it’s always interesting the different points of views of the people who suffered through this and people who cause this violence.

    What are you interested in now? What are you interested in learning more about now?

    Now gun smuggling to Mexico, how to United States fuels violence across the border, who does this, what are the consequences, what kind of corruption can I find and what are they doing to stop this.


  3. xin chen

    when I was a little, I’m very interested in psychology, now I’m still interest in this topic, but my curiosity about psychology are decreasing within the time because while i growing up, i’m mostly focusing on the reality, such as the school, works. Thus, I don’t have much time to learn about psychology. Gradually, I lost some of my curiosity on psychology .Asking questions help me learn more about that topic since while I asking the questions, there will be the person who is professional and knows more about psychology could help me, and also accept different opinions and thoughts about the topic, which helps me get more accurate informations on the specific area that I don’t know.  The educational system helped me develop my logic and critical thinking, and made my curiosity on psychology reflect a bigger topic, which is philosophy. Now I’m very interested in philosophy.

  4. Daria

    I have always been fascinated by space, and that interest persists. Exploring the universe, learning about planets, and understanding the cosmos’ history captivates me.

    As a child, I was very curious about our solar system and its planets. Conversations with friends often led to them sharing new information, which motivated me to conduct further research.

    When I have questions, my go-to source for answers is books and their authors. Among those authors, Stephen Hawking was one who consistently provided insightful responses.

    I used to be a big fan of his writing and his explanations about space and time. I still am, but now I mostly watch documentaries instead of reading. I wouldn’t say I lost interest, but my focus has shifted.

  5. Dave Desrivieres

    I want to research gun violence against children in the United States in this Unite 2. I’m still interested in this subject since, as I was growing up, I learned a lot about gun violence in my country and other influence nations through the news. I later seen a lot of gun violence among young kids in the US after moving here. Articles in newspapers and journals indicate that people were killing one another for reasons I wish to research more. It will be easier to learn about and gather more information about these disasters in America by posing questions of this type. The education system should have taken charge over the past few years since it still attracts my curiosity about how these young individuals do not learn and develop. I am interested in knowing more about this subject because I belong to the younger generation in the US.   

  6. Nazifa Kopil

    The impact of climate change

    I am interested in the climate change of the world. At this time, it has become the most important and discussed topic. I want to highlight how suffering is coming down in public life due to climate change. 

    • What is the biggest cause of climate change? 
    • Who is threatened by climate change?
    • What can be done to prevent climate change? 
  7. Jimin Yoon

    When I was a child I was interested in why all Guatemalan presidents are bad. I’m still interested when I was a kid there were always problems in the country that the president was stealing money from the government and people. There are rumours too, but I think it’s true that presidents buy their votes with money from poor neighborhood. This always interested me because when I was young one day there were thousands maybe millions of people in front of my house marching to the Palacio Nacional ( The white House in Guatemala) I was young so I didn’t understand, and just didn’t care, and that was not the only time people marched. Sometimes, we didn’t have school because of the marching, because they wanted the president to resign. However, when I got older it started to take my attention and ask myself why the presidents from Guatemala are always bad people and steal money from innocent people, and this still interests me. I want to learn about the past from the bad presidents, and why they did that.

  8. Rojina

    When I was young, I liked to know everything about farmer people living and animals serving. I used to watch many videos about national geography. Also, I remember myself when I was 6 years old, I used to ask my dad about having a pet animal. I would say that I am still extremely interested in knowledge of living animals. I used to watch the news about animals that are affected by climate change. The question makes me think about an interesting topic of which animal is more affected. Personally, I am still interested in knowing a lot about saving animal life from endangered animals disappearing. 

  9. marylin

    Ever since I was a child I was expose through the internet as the internet has become a important source throughout my life and growing up with it up till today, I was interested at that time to know more deeper towards the internet as there is more far to know using it. Till this current day I’m more than interested to know more father. Asking questions regarding this topic has helped me more at the time at least the basics of the internet, at a young age. My Curiosity has hasn’t really changed that much, in fact it made me more curious about it through the years, my curiosity still continues.

  10. Diana Grande

    As a curious child I’ve always enjoyed watching movies that had to do with action, most were drug related from all the cartel that the federal would capture or how at the airport how you would get caught with all this money. My question would always be “what do they do with the drugs and money that is found”. Another topic that I was really curious about what was tornado’s since I used to have fear about them.

  11. MD Azizur

    In my early childhood, I was exceptionally curious about electronic devices and their inner workings. This curiosity often arose when I played with toys such as buses, planes, cars, and various other gadgets, sparking my fascination with understanding how these incredible contraptions were constructed. I’d frequently dismantle these toys, examine their components, and then attempt to reassemble and repair them. Occasionally, I’d find myself stumped, unable to figure out how to mend a toy, which sometimes led to scoldings from my mother. Nevertheless, my insatiable curiosity persisted.

    As I grew older, my curiosity only intensified, and I developed a passion for the invention and creation of electronic goods. This interest eventually transformed into a hobby. After school, I would immerse myself in exploring electronics, experimenting with different projects, and passing books on electronic fundamentals for further practice.

    Today, my enthusiasm for electronics remains unwavering. Upon completing high school, I made the decision to pursue Computer Science as my primary field of study, allowing me to continue my journey of delving into the world of technology and innovation.

  12. Akobir

    Frankly, there is not much to discuss my childhood interest.

    I’ve always loved football but want to stick to its original name, not soccer. Not only the best but it has also been the biggest sport in the world for about 100 years. I have watched, played, and learned more and more all my life, and that love and passion will never fade away.

  13. Brinny Cruz

    Since I was a kid I have always been interested in architecture and more in the Egypt era. I found it interesting how the workers build those buildings. After I grow up I’m still interested in architecture. I think in architecture you always have something to learn and asking questions and doing research would help me and keep improving my knowledge.

    My interest did not change over the years but I have discovered more things and new passions now in interest in business. I discovered that interest when I was in high school. It was a typical question that some professors ask: what do you want your life to be in 5 years? By that assignment I discovered that I also would like to work in business.

  14. Fernando Fernandez

    Something I was interested in when I was a child.

     I didn’t have anything I was interested in knowing about when I was a child, I was just innocent and a kid enjoying his childhood. I liked sports and I’m still interested in sports because even though I can’t play them all I still watch them and talk about them. When I was a child I used to play Baseball, Volleyball, Football, and Basketball, And i was always searching for new tricks and tips to learn and do while playing them. 

    I  don’t play sports anymore, just sometimes I play basketball with my friends. I wanted to play in highschool so then i could play in college, but now i’m going to college and it’s not the same, i lost interest in playing because i wasn’t active playing them. Parents need to know where they put their kids. I remember i liked drawing as a kid too, i was good but didn’t receive support for it. For example, I always liked sports, and I’ve been on teams in all of them. I have been in two different schools and two different highschools, and never been on a team in those schools or high schools. It didn’t matter how good or passionate I was, I didn’t receive the support needed from them when I was a child.

    When I lost interest in playing sports was when I had a long time without playing them that I wasn’t good enough to play. I know sports is to play and have fun but if i was good at it i don’t even want to play with people that are good at it now because I feel less and stupid. I wanted to play any sports that I liked in college but I can’t anymore because people in college are active players and are playing for real. 

    So what I am interested in now is architecture because I really like studying a lot and I like drawing, art, and design. So it would be something I would like to learn further. It is something that I liked when I was a child too, but I was little and I didn’t think a lot about it. 

  15. Emely

    ~ Something I was interest about when I was younger, I was me architecture but with the years passing i went to a paint where I wasn’t interest anymore on keep plaining be that in my future. Since I got interest, I started to ask question to close people, like what they think about being a architecture and they wasn’t agree since we life in a big city where is no good to be one that’s what I got as an answer.

             So, my mindset changed to find something new to study and be in the future. Took me two years find something that I really think would be good for me in the future. I decide to study nursing as one of my challenges since educationally nursing is one of the harder’s majors since required a lot of memorizing. 

    If I’m not interest in a topic, I just search up for something else that can catch my interest 100%. I think just disappear, since we don’t feel the needed to be holding it up. I remember I was searching about it, I was overthinking about that in don’t see myself doing that in the future. My interest went to nursing, because I see myself helping people and taking care of them.

    I want to learn more and search more information that can be useful for my start in the process to become a nurse 

  16. Anja Rrasa

    When I was a kid, I liked stories about people who went through hard times and came out strong. I was curious about why some people could handle tough situations while others struggled.I’m still interested in this topic, but I’ve learned more about it. I’ve studied psychology in high school, which is about how our minds work, and sociology in college, which is about how we act in groups. These subjects helped me understand how people deal with tough stuff. School has helped me learn, but it could do better. It doesn’t talk much about feelings and mental health. So, I’ve had to find more info on my own. As I’ve grown up, I’ve wanted to know more about how to help people who’ve been through tough times. I’ve learned about things like trauma-informed care and healing. This made me want to know how we can use what we learn to help people and communities. 

    Today, I’m most interested in studying childhood trauma, mental health, and how we can help. I want to learn about what really works to help people who’ve been through hard times when they were young. In my bibliography, I’ll find simple and practical sources about childhood trauma, healing, and how we can care for people who’ve been through tough times when they were kids. I hope to learn more and share this knowledge to make our society more understanding and supportive. 

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