Professor Joshua Belknap | Co Req ML | Spring 2022

5/2/22 Annotating and commenting on Murray’s “The Maker’s Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscripts”

Please read and comment on Donald Murray’s “The Maker’s Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscripts” on Perusall. Annotate and make three (3) comments and respond to three (3) of your classmates’ (and my) comments as well. In addition, answer the questions at the end of the article and include those in your post too.


  1. Aleksandra Patyra

    1. Information are the instructions given to do something (recipe how to bake a cake). Meaning is why we need the information (we need the recipe to know how to bake a good cake).
    2. While re-reading their own work the writer becomes concerned about the words. Reading it out loud helps to catch the words that shouldn’t be used or maybe other form should be applied. I think when Murray says that “language leads to meaning” he means that while reading their (writers) work they start to see what their own text means, language helps them discover and understand the meaning of their work.
    3. “The maker’s eye” it the writer’s eye. The eye that is never satisfied by it’s work, very critical and honest about the writer’s work. The reader’s eye is different because it usually doesn’t look at the text as the writer does. Reader dont look at the structure. Reader wants to know the story, how it is developing. Writer will always be critical about its work, will always change their words to make it more and more perfect.
    4. According to Murray, a piece of writing is never finished. The writer can always change it to make it more perfect, to add to the story. Deadlines are for writers to stop editing at some point and send their work to publisher.

  2. Emely

    1- Information is what is going to be used to get where you want to be. Meaning is the reason why you’ve used this information. The distinction is important because the information is what’s going to shape the story and lead the reader to the meaning of the information.

    2- The writers start to feel concerned about the words they are using when the writers read aloud what they’ve written, and they may feel that it’s not as good as they expected. The author means that language leads them to understand the writing (work) they’ve written. When a writer reads aloud what they’ve written, he/she gets to understand the meaning of their work.

    3- “The marker’s eye” is the eye of the writer, the way he sees his work or understands his work, or even judges his work. I believe that the maker’s eye differs from the reader’s eye in a way that the reader may not understand what the writer is trying to address. For a reader, the work may not make sense, but for the maker (writer) it has its meaning.

    4- The author stated that a piece of writing is never finished because words and phrases can always be changed. According to Murray, the function of a deadline is to send out or exhibit your work, but with many emotions like frustration, pride, or accomplishment.

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