Assignment #1

My name is a part of my family and its legacy. I was given the name Carlos because it is my Dad’s name, Then, my middle name Andres is passed down to me from my grandfather. According to google it’s a Spanish baby name which means Manly. This relates to who I am because indeed I am manly. I love my name and I feel this way because its pasted down from important people in my family and I plan on doing the same when I have kids. The research behind my name impacts the understanding of myself because now it explains why I like going to the gym.

To my family, I’m Carlito,
but my name is Carlos

My name would have been Ruddy if it wasn’t for my mom,
she told my Dad that’s not going to be the name of our son

I ended up being a Jr … like father like son, I like the concept of passing down the name, even though it doesn’t sound like much fun

Just because I’m a J.r doesn’t make me lame, It may be basic, and just a regular Dominican name,but I’m not ashamed I love my name


Assignment #1

  • Noshin


Lotion, Potion, Ocean.

All things that rhymes with Noshin.

The Muslim name Noshin means sweet and pleasant.

Most will call me a present.

I’m my parents present.

“Noshin” still just means a phrase to me.
A distant noise that I need a mirror to see.

I learned today that I’m sweet as the meaning of my name.

But I’d still be sweet with the name Donald Trump.

I understand that I’ll always be nice.

Sweeter than gummy bears
because I’m the only one that cares.

Even let you call me “Nosh” on my worst days.
Even though there’s two of us so they call me “Nosh” most days.

The other is always happy.
Perfect hair, never nappy.
No I’m the other always bored .
Never explored.

Noshin is a common Muslim name.

You probably know a Noshin, perhaps I’m the Noshin you’ve come to know.



what’s my name?

I was given the name Ivy because my parents thought the name was simple, easy to pronounce and easy to spell. My name does not mean poisonous. The first thing that comes to mind when people hear my name is poison ivy. Ivy is actually an evergreen climbing ornamental plant which represents fidelity and eternity. People with this name tend to be quiet, cooperative, considerate, sympathetic to others, adaptable, balanced and sometimes shy. These definitions relates to who I am because I’m more of a quiet and shy person. I feel that my name unique because although it’s very simple, I haven’t encountered anyone with the same name.


Hi my name is Leonardo Tineo. I was given this name because my grandmother couldn’t pronounce Joshua, which was suppose to be my name.The name Tineo is a town in Spain where my great grandfather grew up. I am the only one with the last name Tineo out of my siblings because, I am the first grandson. I was given the same name as Leonardo Da Vinci. He studied many things, one thing he studied was architecture. Which that is the major I chose.

My name is Shemar.When i as younger my mother told me it was my father’s idea to name me Shemar. I never asked him why he decided to name me that. I personally like the name Shemar because growing up there always seem to be people with the same name and i didn’t know anyone with my name, so in a way i felt that my name was just for me. I researched the meaning of Shemar and i found that it derives from the name SHÔMÊR which origins is Hebrew, Shemar means to keep watch, preserve,keeper and guardian of God. I have two younger siblings and its my job to keep watch of them and protect them. so my name fits the description of my responsibilities. I like my name even more now.

Assignment # 1

Hi, my name is Muhammad Atif. I know it is a very common name for muslims because it is the name of the islamic prophet. My first name ( Muhammad ) means “the most praised one” and my last name ( Atif ) means “kind”. Muhammad is my family name so that’s why I was given this name but Atif was actually given to me by my uncle because he really liked it but I am actually happy that I was given this name because Atif is also the name of the most popular singer in my country ( Pakistan ) so whenever I tell people my name they usually compare me to that singer even though I am not a singer but it is kind of interesting to me that I am being compare him.

what my name means

hello my name is Shamar and my mother Felicia Told me when she was younger all the girls loved the actor Shemar Moore and she loved him the most and she wanted to name me after him but he changed the She- to Sha because she thought it was too feminine and dropped the E and added the  A  and that’s how my name came to be

Assignment 1

My name is Alaur Rahman. My first name (Alaur), does not have a meaning. However, my second name (Rahman), has several meanings. It means beneficent as well as merciful. It’s one of the names of the Islamic god, Allah.

All of my brothers’ last name is Rahman. My parents gave us this name because they want us to be merciful and kind to others.

I have met many people with the name Rahman, but I was never able to compare or relate to them. However, I met only one person who had my first name. It was very interesting because he didn’t just look like me but also had the same personality.

Although, people with Islamic names are facing difficulties because of the current situation (many think that people with Islamic names are violent), I like both my first and last name.



OpenLab Assignment #1: What’s in a name?

My name is Jessica. Yes, I know, a very common name. Jessica might be a very popular name, however, like any other name it’s the personality of the individual that shapes them and differentiates them from other Jessica’s. There came a time in which I found myself highly disliking my name because of the constant encounters in which I would meet others with similar name. I decided to ask my parents why they decided to name me “Jessica” in which my fathers response was, “Well, they told me the time to pick a name had arrived so Jessica came up to my mind and chose it.” My name being mainstream and my parents response to why they chose my name made feel as if my name had nothing special. This made me feel crestfallen. I decided to research the meaning of the name Jessica. I found that the Jessica was first used in Shakespeare’s play ‘The Merchant of Venice’, it was Shylock’s daughters name. Knowing that a very astute man first used my name makes me feel notable. Along with that, I found that the Hebrew meaning of my name is: “Jessica is Rich. God Beholds.” This is very accurate because I might not be rich material wise but rich in spiritual gifts.

From my experience, the Jessica’s I’ve met tend to be more outgoing while I consider myself a reserved person. Despite that, I can be spontaneous. Funny thing is that, out of all the Jessica’s I’ve met not a single one has something in common with me besides my name.

What does my name mean?

My name is Huimin.

I was born and raised in China.

At the time of my birth,

The doctor told my parents that my body might be weaker than normal because I was a premature baby.

For this reason, my parents wish me grow up healthily.


In fact,

My name comes from my grandfather’s idea.

In Chinese,

Hui it means intelligent and can understand all the facts;

Min it means quick thinking and quick reaction.

In general, they want me to be a lovable child.


I once believed that my name is the most special.

Until I went to primary school,

I met a friend with the same first name in my class.

When the teacher checks attendance or asked to answer questions,

I always feel a little embarrassed.


However, I am still grateful for my name.

Because this name is full of my family’s expectations for me.

Meanwhile, it also protects me like a talisman.

I love my name.


More importantly,

Even if we would have the same name with others,

But this does not mean that we will have the same life.

We will meet different people and experience different things.

The fate of everyone is not the same.

As Richard Millhouse Nixon said:

“Our destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity. So let us seize it, not in fear, but in gladness. ”