Reflection on Sweat

Seeing a show for the first time at Broadway was very exciting. I really enjoyed the show sweat and also learned a lot from it. At the beginning of the show when Jason called Chris Nigga that really stood up to me because things like that still happens in today’s world. The character were very good, my favorite was Cynthia. At the same time, all the characters in “Sweat” are given to elaborate passages of exposition, laying out the histories of their families, their employers, their city. Some of these, such as Tracey’s speech about the devaluing of manual labor. The sweat was a very good show to watch and I’m glad I had the opportunity to.

Reflection on Sweat

my experience seeing a play on Broadway was good i guess. From the start of the play i only captured the important parts and i was zoning out but for the second act i was paying attention heavy and put the first half important things together and got the whole play for what it is.

This play showed more of a flaw on human nature than anything really political, cultural, or social. when the well runs dry you have to find a new source of water the well being the union job at the factory and the water being a new source of income and the workers at the factory didn’t understand something so simple and as for the young man that the 2 boys assaulted it shows jealously on their part because he was working their job for less and they’re outta work.

their is no big theme is this story its all about logic and whats the best move to make next

Broadway Show Sweat Reflection

Sweat was my first Broadway show that I have ever been to. The topic of this show was very interesting and caught my attention at the show. It was a good experience seeing a Broad way show for the first time. Not only did the actors do well in the show, they also contribute a broad conversation on the social, cultural, and political issues we have today. In the show, it takes place in the year 2000. In 2000, people were being fired or locked out from work by having other workers take their spot with a lower minimum wage. This event is shown in the play by having one of the actors taking away the person’s job. The actors in the play were people that were friends at a bar. Overall, the play was very good and recommended for people who enjoy watching Broadway shows.

Sweat Reflection

I thought that broadway shows were going to be boring since it would consist of acting but it turned out to be very interesting and kept me engaged throughout the play. The acting from the play had me amazed because they had so much emotion during the scenes and I loved the fighting scene as well as watching a friendship between three people just go to waste because of a job. This play contributes to social inequality cause in the play Khris’s mother said that the office was filled with whites and everyone sat down,while there are people in the factory working as hard as they can to get a promotion and noticed. This happens in corporates as well for example if your working in a firm you need to work for a promotion but your also have thousand of other people doing the same.

Reflection on Sweat

My first honest impression of sweat before watching the play was that it would most likely be unsatisfactory, i was proven very wrong though. The actors made the play very immersive with a lot of detail and emotions which made me feel sorrow for some characters at some point. Overall the play was spectacular and i do not regret watching it on a rainy day at all.

Reflection on SWEAT

To be honest I went in thinking that a play was going to be boring and I wasn’t going to be interested in it. But then as soon as it began I had a change of heart because it was very dramatic. I was actually amused by it and think that all the actors did a great job. I also found it cool when they would change the scene that everything on the floor would move, change, and shift. The play contributed a lot towards political issues because everything that was being shown the factory kicking the workers out and them all being job less it happens.But I remember a couple of years back a lot of people were getting cut and laid off which caused many people to struggle. The play did a good job in showing the emotion of the people getting laid off.

Reflection on Sweat

After seeing Sweat on Broadway, I’m amazed how the casts remembered their lines throughout the play and acted them out according to their characters’ feelings. Most of the time during the play, I forgot that this is a play with actors and actresses acting live on stage. In my opinion, the play moved slowly in the beginning, but it built tension to the climax where the action truly begins. The play showed all the characters’ sides and stories, so I can’t really say if one character’s action is right or wrong. The play touched current issues in the United States like racism, when Oscar was hated by the group in the bar for taking their jobs.


Thoughts on Sweat

Watching Sweat on Broadway was an amazing experience for me, because I have never watched a play before. The play was humorous and full of emotions. It also raised the political issue of 2008, which kind of resonates with the recent presidential election. Also, there are some racial issues that are presented in the play. For example, in the beginning of the play, Jaosn calls Evan the “N” word and this kind of racism still occurs today. Altogether the play was magnificent.