Meeting the author Sarah Schulman was such a significant experience. It allowed us to learn more about her and learn what her thoughts are on specific topics. I remember she was talking about gentrification. She mentioned we shouldn’t allow this to keep happening because New York should continue being diverse. People with different culture backgrounds is what it should be made up of. Us young people shouldn’t allow things that we don’t agree with to happen. If we want change, we have to act up to have one because we are the future. Sarah Schulman is definitely one more person that’ll be on my list of inspirations. Inspiring me to get more involved in trying to make a change for the better.

OpenLab Assignment #1: What’s in a name?

My name is Jessica. Yes, I know, a very common name. Jessica might be a very popular name, however, like any other name it’s the personality of the individual that shapes them and differentiates them from other Jessica’s. There came a time in which I found myself highly disliking my name because of the constant encounters in which I would meet others with similar name. I decided to ask my parents why they decided to name me “Jessica” in which my fathers response was, “Well, they told me the time to pick a name had arrived so Jessica came up to my mind and chose it.” My name being mainstream and my parents response to why they chose my name made feel as if my name had nothing special. This made me feel crestfallen. I decided to research the meaning of the name Jessica. I found that the Jessica was first used in Shakespeare’s play ‘The Merchant of Venice’, it was Shylock’s daughters name. Knowing that a very astute man first used my name makes me feel notable. Along with that, I found that the Hebrew meaning of my name is: “Jessica is Rich. God Beholds.” This is very accurate because I might not be rich material wise but rich in spiritual gifts.

From my experience, the Jessica’s I’ve met tend to be more outgoing while I consider myself a reserved person. Despite that, I can be spontaneous. Funny thing is that, out of all the Jessica’s I’ve met not a single one has something in common with me besides my name.