reflection on sweat

this was my second experience of seeing a play. but with sweat, its was a pretty good one I didn’t expect it to be intense with so much going on. the actor made one feel a part of the situation which was a bit confusing at first but later on it was more understandable on what was going on. the play contribute a broader conversation about the social issue in the U.S like family problems, job loss, and immigrants.

what does my name mean?

Hello my name is Alondra, I was named alondra by Spanish soap opera that my mom used to watch. It’s so basic almost every girl in my elementary was named alondra..seriously. My nickname is (Alo) or (Ona) that’s what my dad mostly calls me. The meaning of my name is helper and defender of mankind. My name is also a type of bird which is a lark. i never knew what my name meant until searched the meaning of it. I like my name because it simple but i hate it when they call me Alandra with an (a) or like when they miscall it for Alejandra its really not even that hard. Soo yeah that’s what my name mean.