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  1. Busayo says:

    Read pages 55-90 of The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired, by Lou Adler. What is the “achiever personae”? What essential qualities does a professional achiever demonstrate? Do you have an achiever personae? If so, what does it look like? If not, what do you need to do to begin building one?

    An achiever person is a person that brings success into the job, consistently and successfully getting the job done regardless of the circumstances with the least direction possible. They are those who can show their achievements and performances within a time period, as well as the quality of the job done and their constant progress. The sign of achiever personae is someone who excels in his/her work area. This person may likely to achieve success or promotions faster than the others. Someone with a high achiever Personae is considered top 100% of the top 100%. These are the people that demonstrate exceptional initiative and motivation, therefore they are the people that get more promotions, awards, and move up the company position faster. An achiever person must have the drive to accomplish the job as well as demonstrate that he/she has made comparable achievement during the time they have been working and fully illustrate the challenges and how did they overcome them. They most understand what they have done is to organize and analytical manner.
    Right now, I have not had the opportunity to make any achievement that is worth mentioning. But still need to learn more skills and get improve to build up my achiever personae in my related field. For my future career, I need to learn how to be good at my time management, learn how to organize the job, and be motivate. Before embarking on any job, I should think how to finish it successfully and solve the problem

  2. Busayo says:

    Performance-based Hiring is an end-to-end, four-step process for hiring top talent. It is the only validated methodology that integrates sourcing, screening, interviewing, and recruiting into a seamless approach based on how top people look for, compare, and accept one position over another. The contend that a hiring process problem exists whenever a hiring manager needs to see more than four different candidates to make a hiring decision. This is typically due to a job that has not been properly defined, sourcing or recruiting problems, or weak interviewing skills. Regardless of the cause, recruiters react by scrambling about presenting as many reasonably competent people as they can find in the hope that one sticks. Despite that performance based hiring is a business process for hiring top talent employee but all the technique based upon assumption that the demand talent is far greater that the supply. In order to constructs my professional identity in a performance-based manner in any job I applied for, I have to ask myself this question. Is this a job I want? If not, I will be disappointed no matter how much I get paid. If the answer to that question is yes, I can go ahead.

    According to Performance based Hiring, of course, I need to have the technical and basic skills as my background to find a right job that is match with my background. Also, I need to pull some strings to ensure I made the right decision. After I found an opening job, I need to do my research on the company I am applying to and also tailor my resume to match the job description. Doing this kind of the research can make me have more confidence for the interview. And this might increase my chance of been hire.

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