Print Matter Field Trip

On May 13th, print matter located near the Chelsea market, was visited by New York college of technology students, including myself. Print matter is one of few unique printing places left in New York. They keep up the variety of possibilities and styles variety available in the printing industry.

One book they had was called the Cum pieces by Matthias Herman. The paper within was thin photo paper. A coated paper but stronger than the paper within a magazine. This book has perfect binding. This books printing technique was digital. There was not much text in this book but if held up the same serif font that’s on the cover. The images in this book was all different pictures of men ejaculation viewed by the author of this book as cum pieces. This visual communication is very bold and daring to the art society because it has no boundaries amongst one person to ever say that it is proven wrong that this is not art. Each page of this book contains a piece that the artist believe is his own personal way of expressing art. IMG_2262

The artist’s book by Matthias Herrmann collects his extensive photographic series “The Cum Pieces,” created between 1994 and 2011. The photographs show the traces of the artist’s semen—he shot it on unexposed photographic paper, producing random visual outcomes through the action of sunlight. In some instances, the photo papers are combined in collages with postcards, photographs, and various objects. Matthias Herrmann’s photographic practice explores issues of identity and (homosexual) desire; in this artist’s book, he examines not only questions of the body, but also the medium of photography itself.

Another book presented in print matters was a cute little book called potato sensei. This booklet has a straddle binding. The pages are like a variety of card stock and the modern printing paper.  Potato Special

20 pages, 28 x 22 cm
bound with bollywood poster strip
b/w copy drawings on color papers
drawings by Misaki’s brother
edition of 100


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