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The top image is my personal logo, it is written in script and it is a ligature. It has the letters BJB, which is my initials. It stands for Bryan Josue Bejarano. I have always like calligraphy my entire life.  And I also have tried to practice and perfect it for years. In the bottom picture is the banner for my e-portolio. It has my personal ligature on the right side of the image, and it is floating in the clouds. I believe that people associate clouds with being far far away. But also limitless. And thats’s the message I’m trying to show, the ligature going far far away with success, and there’s no coming back down.

English 1101-D403 ePortfolio

Student Survey

5 Challenges for Personal Narrative Essay

Personal Narrative Essay Topic Summary

New York Was Our City on the Hill

Personal Narrative Draft #1

Personal Narrative Draft #2

America and I

Midterm Part 1

Midterm Part 2

The Money

Textual Analysis of a Poem Summary

Textual Analysis of a Poem Summary Outline

Textual Analysis of a Poem Summary Draft #1

Textual Analysis of a Poem Peer Review

Textual Analysis of a Poem Summary Draft #2

From Doo Wop to Hip Hop Summary

Graffiti in New York City Outline (Research essay)

The Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Bloomberg Plan

Graffiti in New York City essay (Draft 1)

Graffiti Questions and Statements (3 Questions and 3 statements about Research)

Veterans Day

Graffiti in New York City 9 Points (9 points for debate)



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