Week #6

In my internship with 17 Frost gallery, it is really slow during the winter compared to the summertime when I last had interned with them. Winters are normally slower. Fewer shows, and more just planning out for upcoming events that happen in better weather months. March and April are usually the times where the gallery amps up their gears more and have more events. So right now I mainly am making the 24-hour story posts the gallery posts on their Instagram.  Which is the social media platform that the gallery has the most following in. By posting on Instagram’s daily 24-hour story highlight, it helps us still making sure that the followers/viewers don’t forget about us. Having the followers/viewers know about the upcoming events and having them being informed about any news the gallery wants people to know. Javier is still posting the gallery on other websites to have the space of the gallery to be rented out to other private events in the meanwhile. A real hot spot for the space to be rented out on is Fridays or Weekends.

Week #5

Earlier in the week I just didn’t have a lot of inspiration. It happens when in the worst day possible. Sitting down, looking at a blank piece of paper or an empty blank document on the computer screen. You just hit a roadblock. So I decided to make a Pinterest help me during these times. I have been coming across more and more roadblocks when I’m trying to come up with ideas since I am taking a lot of classes, including Senior Project and Internship which take up most of my free time. And having to also balance out having a job that I need to maintain so I can still pay off the bills that I have for my everyday expenses. Having Pinterest helps me to start getting a feeling or mood for my up incoming projects. Helping me with what colors best suits the task or what is a common theme between two objects. I like to use is it as an inspiration board because I have never had one. Helps me save images into certain pins that help me categorize them and keeps the images organized. This website is really helping me during these times.

Virtual Networking (Attendance 1) 2/24/21

On Wednesday, February 24 I attended the One Club for the Lunch & Learn that was an online seminar that showed “Black, Creative and Creative” where Adrianne Smith, Bennett Bennett, Skylar Pendergrass, and Elijah Brumfield talked about how they became successful. 

Before the seminar started I was surprised at how many people were in attendance. People were writing in the comment sections shouting out where they are attending from. All the way to different parts of the United States. From Dallas to Colorado, to Virginia, from all the way across the world in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The comment they all had in common was to always push yourself out there in the world. The simplest way for someone to become successful is through the connections we make. The whole seminar was about how they networked their way into success. Having a great first impression with people who can help you improve your craft. We never stop learning and there is always more room to learn new things and get better at what we do. This inspired me to create a LinkdIn and start making connections now, as a posed to later on. Making connections not only with people that I know personally or around normally to going to these seminars and putting myself out there. With these brand new connections, who knows what positions I might be offered with in the future.

Week 4:

What I have realized working in this internship is that a lot of things you have to tackle and deal with while trying to run an art gallery. Not only making sure that all of the things run smoothly but also other factors play the part of it as well. Especially during these times with the CDC regulations that have to be in full effect to have a successful impact. The art gallery did lose some traction during this pandemic, but the 17 Frost gallery is still here trying to make it through these tough times. But still trying to follow the CDC regulations. Having this internship remotely instead of attending in person is much different from having this internship in the past. A lot of less physical work since my time spent is working on the computer in the comfort of my household. I am glad to still be working alongside people that I have remained in contact with and now are actual working partners. I am trying to keep in contact with my supervisor as much as possible so that there is no miscommunication between my work and what is going on with the updates. So far I have a few icons that I have made in my sketchbook that would help out the company with their identity and also an ad that informs the viewer about the “Weekly Artist Market” that happens from Noon till 8 pm every Saturday.

Week 3:

The work environment in 17 Frost Gallery is unexpecting but extremely welcoming. When someone walks into this art gallery, you never know what to expect. In the art gallery, you can gain insights from famous street artists talking about their previous works or future works that they are currently working on. And in the studio said there can possibly be a band practicing their sound of an upcoming event that is going to happen in a few days or weeks. Distinct rooms run throughout the gallery each serving different purposes. Having tables laid out in the middle of the gallery when there aren’t any shows that are going to happen soon. The tables are open for anyone that just wants to be creative and draw. Offering markers, paint, and stickers for someone to express themselves. The environment is more laid back and free-spirited. The workdays used to be every Tuesdays and Thursdays because those days are typically the days that art galleries normally host their events. Since it is an art gallery that targets more of a street artist and contemporary movement, there isn’t a real dress code. Depending on the client or artist that is having the event. We have a 17 Frost Gallery group chat that messages all of the members and affiliates about what is going in the gallery and news that we should expect for changes or updates. If not, I get contacted directly if they want anything in particular. For now, I am currently Adobe Indesign to design and make web advertisements that are going to be used for their social media.

Week 2:

A few years ago, before I was a full-time student at City Tech again, I interned at 17 Frost gallery for 3 years. Alongside working in the art gallery I also worked a part-time position in a CVS pharmacy in Maspeth, Queens. At the internship, I did everything from helping the artist hang up their artworks to painting the walls and floors. Helping out to set for upcoming events and also cleaning the space when the events come to an end. I built a good relationship with the whole 17 Frost Gallery team, and they always gave me warm welcomes when I did pop back into the gallery from time to time after my internship has ended. Keeping in contact, when it was time for me to get a hold of an internship again, 17 Frost immediately into my head. This new approach in having my internship in this company is to tackle a different side that I never have before in my past with this company. That is the design side, having to deal with the social media posts and the companies identity. Having to create their ads or banners for upcoming events or news that the gallery wants to inform their viewers. The person who I kept in contact with is a good friend of mine, Ellis Gallagher, he is the curator in the art gallery, alongside Javier which is the Co-Founder, Board Member, Musician, and Curator of 17 Frost gallery.  I had a conversion with Ellis on the phone with the idea of becoming an intern for the gallery once again, but with the different approach, more of the design side, and he didn’t think twice and said “Of course!”. They both agreed with my idea and were ready for me to show them what I can do to help promote their gallery. I did have to wait for him to sign the papers since Ellis was first out of town for a few days when I did make the phone call. The intern agreement and papers were all signed and dated and are ready to be submitted without any problems.

Internship Spring 2021

Week 1: Searching and Applying for Internships

The company that I will be working for my internships is a non-profit art gallery located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called 17 Frost gallery. The art gallery has a front room that is used for gallery openings, video production, and social events. The company was established in 2006 and offers 2500 square foot space to accommodate various needs. The gallery also rents out space for private events. The gallery has hosted many art events that landed the front page of “The Voice”, “AM New York” and “Sold Magazine” to list a few. I will be working on the social media advertisements and digital flyers/posters that the art gallery will use on their social media. Making online posts for the upcoming events and shows that the company or curator has lined up. Since I won’t be doing this internship in person and I will be doing it remotely, I will spend my time creating artworks in the comfort of my home. The most recent news article that 17 Frost Gallery appeared in was an article by the New York Post “Brooklyn fight club promoter busted, slapped with $15k fine” on November 4, 2020. It was said in the article that the art gallery was actually an “underground fight club” but in reality, it wasn’t.  The event got a little too crazy and the area became over capacity because of the COVID regulations. And got fined for failing to protect health and safety according to Sheriff Joseph Fucito. And now the art gallery has really strict policies about following Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive orders on the pandemic occupancy restrictions following the CDC guidelines, face mask, and social distance rules.

This is how 17 Frost Gallery appears to look in the entrance of the gallery.

The Life in a Day


other link, in case the first one doesn’t work:


In this little 5 min montage of clips that I have recorded shows my daily commute. I take the F train to the 7 Train all the way to the last stop. Which is Flushing, Queens. I’m still new to this route because I have just recently moved out there. And I’m not completely used to the longer commute. In this video, it shows a lot of Queens landmarks throughout it. A lot of well known places in New York City, especially if you live in Queens. You’ll see familiar spots. Queens being filled with color, from the full grown trees to the colorful graffiti filled rooftops, it just catches the viewers attention, and makes it a pleasant ride to their destination.