Week 13:

This week I was working on setting up my slides for the final presentation. At first, I was struggling with trying to find a common theme to tie in with all of the blog posts and throughout my experiences. I believe in most times that it is the hardest to start. After overcoming that obstacle the ball gets rolling. So I started to jot down my ideas on common themes that can be associated with my journey and experiences. The one note that stood out to me was the theme of change. There was a lot of change happening through out this semester. I dealt with a lot of change in how my internship was, adjusting to the CDC regulations and not having a lot of people in the art gallery at once. Going from hundreds of people walking in and out to just a few every hour. This has stopped a lot of traffic coming in but isn’t stopped 17 Frost from coming up with future ideas. Another change is the amount of power and say I have in the company now. Before I used to only talk to my boss about things I should do or future events. While now I am also talking to Javier which is the higher chairmen of the gallery. It has been always family with the crew, but now I feel like I have more say in what is going on. It feels great and a sense of accomplishment. Lastly, the last point is change within my family and adjusting throughout these hardships. I lost 5 of my family members this year alone and this is a rough time period in my family’s life. My grandfather was the first to go. A month later my grandfather’s brother. And all within the month of April, my aunt, her husband, and lastly my cousin. Dealing with the amount of work, school, family issues, and just personal issues and trying to find a balance was difficult. But the ball keeps on rolling, and life goes on. I am just grateful for everyone that I have right now along with me. I am grateful I still have both of my parents supporting me and a loving girlfriend. Graduating and I am excited about what the future holds.

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