Week 12:

Homework: Review 2 Applications; App #1

The first application that I will be reviewing is Brainsparker. While most of the applications that were listed in the homework are no longer working, this was the one that has got my attention at first glance. I read the name of the application and immediately was intrigued by the name. I really like the name of this application because it gives away the purpose of this application before even running it. When I first opened the application it gave me what seems to be an unlimited selection of flashcards I can choose from. Selecting one would give you a task or something for you to think of, which can be really helpful in times students hit a roadblock or procrastination. The cards can range from saying different messages from “be audacious” to “what are you saying “can’t” to”. Sometimes the cards can just be an image of scenery or an object with no context behind it. Which can also be helpful for someone who has their mind on overdrive. You can customize the card packs to your own liking. I just began with the starter pack. But there are many different options for others like; kids pack, a vision pack, and a VIP pack for a more premium card pack which is only $2.99. Overall, this application can be useful when someone is doing homework or starting a project they are having a hard time starting. I will keep this application on my phone just in case I run into these issues during the rest of the semester and throughout finals.

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