Week 12:

Homework: Review 2 Applications; App #2

This was the second application that was still up and running in the app store. The name of the application did seem interesting and lured me into downloading it. At first glance, just by the name and the logo of the branding I already came up with the idea that this application is used to organize thoughts or ideas and making it come all together organized and to be read easily. When I first opened the application I was a bit confused about the overall layout of the screen. It isn’t like an ordinary phone application that opens up filling the whole screen. It has top and bottom toolbars, similar if you were to open an external link on Instagram or any other social media applications and appears to be a separate screen. You can zoom in and out to make the bubbles on the screen bigger or smaller. It is a mind map for someone to gather their ideas and help them locate or organize their ideas into a map. Normally when I create a mind map for my advertising classes I usually end up filling up the whole paper and it makes things harder to read or process what is trying to be said/connect. So I can see great use in having this application on my phone now. My only complaint is that some of the clickable icons appear to be too small on my phone and it doesn’t work at first click at times while trying to use the feature. Other than that, this application I am definitely going to use in the nearby future and in my professional field as well.

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