Week 11:

Unfortunately, my family is going through an extremely tough time.  This year has been filled up with death. With the passing of my grandpa, aunt, my aunt’s husband, and now my cousin. I got the news of his passing through Facebook that my mom has told me about early in the morning. He has passed away on Saturday,  April 18. The amount of family members that have passed away this semester has been crazy. It seems like every week now someone in my family passes away.  In my school work, I am still trying to finish up everything so it is less stressful. I like to do this so I don’t feel so under pressure when it is time for finals. I still have to make the appointment with my intern advisor so he can set a meet-up so I can finally turn in my sign-in sheet for the hours. I also have attended my last networking event which I still have to create a blog post about. My birthday is coming up on May 6th and I hope everything goes well. I don’t really have that high of expectations since this year hasn’t really been good for me. But that doesn’t mean it can’t change. I am almost done with school, about to graduate, finishing up my work, about to get promoted, and my birthday is coming up. I can’t focus on the negative sides. I have to keep moving on, life never stops.

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