Week 10:

This week has been easier on my internship side because I have made all of my workplace hours for the semester. All I have to do is make a meeting to meet with my advisor from my internship to sign off the hours and I will have one less thing to worry about. 120 hours was a journey but in the end, it has all played out well. It was hard to juggle everything in between but it is possible. And now I have more free time to focus on my senior project since I had one meeting with my advisor that didn’t go that well. But it did spark up the fire and got me more motivated to get the senior project over with. It is also hard with also finding the motivation to drive yourself from achieving these objectives because life does throw obstacles at you. After my aunt’s husband has passed away, three days later she did as well. It was hard to process that and it did affect the mind in having a clear direction to continue going. But it all worked out. Hearing my dad cry is one of the hardest things to see or hear because I don’t really ever see my dad display that much emotion. But this year was a hard one with my dad’s side of the family. My grandfather from his side of the family passed away earlier this year as well. So having his sister just has passed away, affected the whole family.  I feel extremely bad for my cousins, they have lost both their mother and father due to COVID. May they rest in peace.

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