Virtual Networking (Attendance 2) 4/8/21

I have attended an event called “Alphabet City” by Adrian Wilson. On Thursday, April 8, 2021. It wasn’t that expensive, it was only $4.28 with the student discount. The name of this event is the main thing that interested me. Since I am a New Yorker I was interested in how Adrian Wilson exploits around New York City. Which he has been arrested before multiple times before,  for his artwork.

These examples shown above, showcase how he makes use of his surroundings. To make art out of something we see in our daily lives. He takes spray paint or creates a sticker to place on an object or surface to create more meaning to it. I really enjoy seeing these things because I love street art and have worked with multiple street artists before. But I was not familiar with this man’s work. Some people will just view this as vandalism but there is an art perspective in it. And it can make someone’s day if they come across it randomly in the street.

This one I enjoyed the most in his presentation. In these two photos, Mr.Wilson has made a stencil of a “Post No Bills” and sprayed it on a construction wood panel. I remember he has also pointed out a good point. We don’t call wheat pastes or advertisements “Bills” anymore but everyone understands what “Bills” mean. The artist created a dialogue between the sign and of a civilian that has spray-painted “says who?” as a response back the work replied “me”. The only thing that actually got covered up was the yellow “says who”.

This event just made me have more appreciation for the city around me. And there are some people risking getting arrested just so have their work in front of people is a wild thing. Not getting paid for any of it, and some even don’t want their identity revealed. Just adds a good amount of mystery which lets the artwork speak for itself, and adds an element of unknown.

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