Gordon Parks Themed Student Show 2021

In the whole show, I really liked this submission by my fellow internship classmate Magi Hossam Eldin. I was mainly only looking at the graphic design side of the show because that one was the one I was the most interested in. And wanted to see how my fellow classmates approach this show. I really like how this t-shirt is organized and gives me the impression of what Gordon Park’s work is all about. Before looking into this student show, I didn’t have any idea of who Gordon Parks was. But after viewing the artworks that were submitted I have learned a lot about what the artist is about. This one stood out the most compared to the rest in my opinion because of the color and the powerful quote about what Parks has said. The shirt coming with its own packaging makes it more impactful and brings this whole art piece together. If it was turned into a real t-shirt and it was available for purchase in the show, I would get one and wear it.

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